About American Forwarding & Logistics LLC

Learn about AFL and how its team of agents has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the shipping process. Our goal is to change the way you think about international shipping by giving you a personalized and comprehensive service that’s hands-on from start to finish.

What We Do

As an asset lite auto transportation broker, American Forwarding & Logistics specializes in international auto shipping, containerized cargo, heavy equipment transport and much more. We specialize in assisting businesses and individuals with international shipping needs originating in the United States. 

The suite of services that AFL provides includes every aspect of the international transport industry. This begins with instant shipping quotes. It then continues with booking, document management, shipment loading, transporter, unloading, and shipment delivery. 

As a customer of AFL, you’ll have access to a complete suite of services. This gives you a single point of contact for your international auto shipping needs. Your agent can assist you with shared container shipments, private container shipments, owned container transport, NVOCC services, consulting services, notary documentation and insurance coverage, RORO, and domestic to origin port transportation

Our Mission & Values

Our mission as an international auto shipping transportation broker is to provide a robust service that encompasses all aspects of international shipping. We strive to provide the ultimate customer experience by creating a personalized shipping solution that caters to our customers’ needs. When you work with the agents from AFL, you don’t need to be an expert in international auto shipping. We work with private vehicle owners, business owners, and corporations to deliver an affordable and reliable shipping service. We take pride in developing our experience, knowledge, and partnerships to better serve our customers. International car shipping should be affordable and possible for everyone, and the agents at AFL are ready to make this a reality. With our commitment to quality, we look forward to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients to better understand their needs.

We value our customers and want to create an enjoyable international auto shipping experience for them. Let our agents open up the world to you by helping you ship worldwide. It’s important for our agents to establish trust with our clients by providing consistent performance, accountability, and open communication. Each client is treated with respect as our agents walk you through each step of the shipping process. Acting with integrity and professionalism is key to gaining our client’s trust and developing lasting relationships. These qualities are crucial when entrusting your vehicle with transport to a country thousands of miles away.

Our Partners

We are proud and honored to be partnered with these exemplary companies. We strive to work with leaders in the industry to provide our clients with quality international auto shipping services. Our partnership relationships include ocean carriers, domestic carriers, storage facilities, and brokers. Each partner is thoroughly vetted to ensure quality, reliability, and affordability. By cultivating and developing these partnerships, AFL is able to provide comprehensive and affordable international auto shipping solutions to its clients. Ocean carriers - K-line, NYK, MSC, MOL, Grimaldi, Sallaum and many more Purchasing of mat trucks - Shane’s trucking, AJ trucking Domestic partnerships - SAKAEM Logistics