Car Shipping company Myths

7 Common Myths About Car Shipping

Car shipping has become a popular option for those who don’t wish to deal with the hassle of selling their vehicle locally. There are several reasons why people choose to ship their cars abroad. Some even consider it as a way to get rid of their old vehicles.  There are some misconceptions surrounding car shipping. […]

Car shipping has become a popular option for those who don’t wish to deal with the hassle of selling their vehicle locally. There are several reasons why people choose to ship their cars abroad. Some even consider it as a way to get rid of their old vehicles. 

There are some misconceptions surrounding car shipping. Most people believe that they should only go through a reputable car shipping company. Others think that shipping a car internationally is too expensive. And some believe that they won’t receive enough money after selling their vehicle.

That said, let’s debunk 7 common myths about car shipping…

Car Shipping Company Debunking 7 Common Myths About Car Shipping

A lot of information gets passed between people every day. You live, you gain experience, you try new things, you get put through the ringer, and you tell people about it. This is what we do. But as a top car shipping company in the US and Canada, it’s our job to ensure that you have all of the facts right when it comes time to ship your car!

Here are 7 common myths about car shipping:

Car shipping company myths

Myth 1: You Don’t Need an Exact Shipping Address in Order to Get a Quote

Some auto transport services provide door-to-door delivery, meaning the vehicle arrives at your front entrance from its original location. Other services may allow for drop offs at a nearby facility, called terminal-terminal deliveries. When it comes to destinations, it is important to realize that they differ greatly depending on how specific you’re being. 

In order to provide a reliable service, an exact address must be given. Without one, the delivery cannot take place. 

HOWEVER… there are exceptions…

Although there are specifics that can be rendered void without an accurate address, the ability to provide quotes relies somewhat on your drop off and pick up points. In instances where you may not know the precise location where they’re sending their vehicles to. This is particularly with international shipping. In these situations, sometimes only the city or town is sufficient. Just let your car shipping company know when you call that you don’t know your exact shipping address when you call, and they will be able to use major cities and natural or manmade features to get you to the correct area.

So, myth #1: True, but Not Always

Myth 2: “Door-to-door” Isn’t Always Literal

The term “door to door” car transport refers to the car carrier getting as near to your given pickup and destination locations as possible. Customers sometimes believe that door-to-door delivery means that the truck will pull at their house to deliver their car. However, this is pretty uncommon. 

One reason for this is that car carriers can be 75-80 feet in length, making it difficult to navigate in compact residential neighborhoods. 

Myth #2: Myth – Door-to-Door is wrong. It would actually be described better as door-to-door shipping available unless possible due to factors beyond our control.

Myth 3: You Can Use Your Car For Storage Space

If you choose to go with a roll-on roll-off (roro) auto transport option, you won’t be able to use your car to carry household goods. While it may seem cheaper to pack some of your belongings in your car rather than paying to ship them separately, however cars need to be left clean and empty for maximum security during the trip, and so that your driver can easily maneuver it on and off the truck at your pick up and drop off locations.

Myth #3: Myth.

Myth 4: the Vehicle Does Not Need a License Plate in Order to Be Shipped

Shipping a vehicle requires only the keys and the vehicle. We can even deliver vehicles that are not operable or won’ t run. In fact, your vehicle doesn’t even have to be insured for us to provide a delivery service. However, we strongly advise that you insure your vehicle prior to shipment.

Myth #4: Myth 

Myth 5: You Do Not Need to Pay Any Taxes When Shipping a Vehicle

There are some expenses associated with relocating your vehicle. Generally if you ship your vehicle using a flat fee service, you don’t need to worry about including them in your relocation budget. There are some exceptions however. International shipping charges taxes that have to be paid upon entry into your destination country. If you have any questions or concerns about what your auto shipping price will be, just fill out this form for a free price quote from one of our friendly agents.

Myth #5: Myth

Myth 6: Patchy Communication with Car Shipping Company

We understand that international shipping can be difficult. Maybe you’ve personally shipped small things internationally that weren’t delivered or had trouble tracking packages during their travels. It’s understandable to have your reservations about communication with car shipping company, and it’s hard to keep tabs on shipments during transport. We strive to provide excellent customer communications and services throughout the entire order cycle.

Myth #6: Myth

Myth 7: Too much Hassle

If you’re moving to another city, then just move there. There’s no need to transport your vehicle too. If you want to ship your vehicle from one city to another, then you may be interested in our auto shipping services. We’ll take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself!

Myth #7: Myth


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