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Car Shipping to Lome, Togo – Shipping Cars to West Africa on a budget

Shipping cars to West Africa is hassle-free in 2022 with AFL shipping services. Whether you are shipping a car to Togo or anywhere else in West Africa, AFL is here to offer you its quality shipping services to make the experience hassle-free for you.  Shipping cars to Lome, Togo The largest city and main port […]

Shipping cars to West Africa is hassle-free in 2022 with AFL shipping services. Whether you are shipping a car to Togo or anywhere else in West Africa, AFL is here to offer you its quality shipping services to make the experience hassle-free for you. 

Shipping cars to Lome, Togo

The largest city and main port of Togo, Lome handles a large influx of cargo and also offers a Free trade Zone. If you want to save money on shipping your car from the USA to Lome then AFL is offering a guaranteed cheapest ocean freight rate for you.

Available modes for shipping cars to West Africa

Before shipping, it’s important to do a little research on available options of shipping cars to West Africa and then select your preferred mode of shipping cars according to the price and location of the carrier. But keep in mind that Togo is a West African country. So, there might be fewer options to select from. Moreover, the transit time for your shipments to Togo depends on the mode of shipping you choose from the available options.

Shipping cars to Lome, Togo

Here we have discussed both methods of shipping for your ease.

RoRo shipping to Togo

If you are low on shipping budget then this is the best budget-friendly option for you to use. Roll-on Roll-off shipping is economical as the company ships hundreds of vehicles simultaneously on a single vessel. Generally in RORO, your car is steered to the vessel and tied securely on the deck. Then, after reaching the destination, a driver drives it off the ship.

Container shipping to Togo 

Although RoRo is the cheapest option when it comes to safety, container shipping is the most secure option to select. Unlike RoRo, it is an expensive option, but it adds an extra layer of security by keeping your vehicle in a container, quite safe from outside elements during transportation. Container shipping includes further two modes of transportation to choose from. One is Private or FCL (Full Container Load) container shipping and the second one is Shared or LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping.

Private or FCL (full container load) containers 

It involves shipping your car in a secured container that the company has reserved for your goods only. It is beneficial for you if you have more goods to ship along with your car. But it is also the most expensive mode of shipping. If you are shipping a luxury car then it is the best method to use.

LCL (less than container load) or shared containers

This mode of shipping is far less costly than FCL as you share the container space in this option. You only have to pay for the space your car will occupy. The downside of this option is that you might face unexpected delays. The sole reason is the time taken by the company for other cars or goods to fill the container. Only then it can embark on its journey. A standard container can easily accommodate 3-4 cars.

Factors influencing the cost of shipping cars to West Africa

The shipping cost of the car from the USA to Lome might cost you beginning from as low as $2000 to $7000, depending on the size and weight of your car, the mode of shipment you will choose, and the location of your car from a major seaport. As Lome is a major port of Togo and has the capability of handling 75% of inbound containers it will cost you less to ship there than shipping to less popular ports of West Africa.

Distance between origin and destination ports

The distance between origin and destination ports is another factor to contemplate. For example, the distance from New York port to the Port Of Lome is 4,495 nautical miles. The more the distance the costlier it will be for you to ship your car from origin to destination. The popularity of the port is also significant in determining the cost as shipping to more popular ports is cheaper.

Shipping Season

Weather Forecast

Shipping season also affects the overall cost of shipping cars to West Africa. This increased demand in the shipping season leads to a higher shipping cost.

Import Duty

It is very important to research the shipping laws of the country where you are bringing your vehicle. There might be an import duty to consider or some rules and regulations of that particular country that might be new for you and which you would have to follow. If you still feel uncertain about import fees and taxes you can contact the Togo Embassy in the USA to gain more information.

Additional costs

Certain types of cars demand additional costs to ship in various countries so you have to contemplate that factor as well. There is another additional cost of shipping insurance to keep in mind. Most companies provide coverage against your vehicle in case it incurs damage during shipping. 

Door-to-port distance

The distance between your house and the nearest port affects the overall cost of shipping. You can opt to drive the car yourself to the port if it is not far away from your house. However, you should rely on a shipping company to transport your car to the port if the distance is large.

Car size and weight

The heavier your vehicle the more it will cost you to ship it. Moreover, if your car is larger than a normal Sedan or SUV, then you should expect to pay more. This is because the shipping companies charge you based on the space your car consumes in a RoRo ship or a container.

Mode of shipping

The mode of transportation you choose for your car will heavily affect the cost of shipping. As mentioned above FCL will cost you more but will provide more security for your car. On the other hand, RORO shipping is the most economical and reliable option for shipping your car to Togo.

Required Documents for shipping cars to West Africa

You need a lot of paperwork if you want to ship your car to Togo. But don’t panic if you choose the right company for shipment you might save yourself from a lot of trouble. The process of customs at Togo is quite straightforward as compared to other West African countries.

Required Documents for Shipping a car to Lome, Togo. West Africa

But still, you have to submit some of the paperwork to your chosen shipping company so they can smoothen out the customs process and save you from tackling any customs issue by yourself in the future. Listed below are the documents which you have to timely submit to the company:

  • Proof of ownership and two attested copies of the same.
  • Bill of sale and its attested copy.
  • Copy of vehicle registration.
  • Proof of employment in Togo.
  • US passport.
  • Proof of residency in Togo.
  • IE462 document
  • Obtain a letter of authority from the African Bureau of Standards.
  • Bill of lading which is a receipt of your car getting loaded on a boat.

Things to consider before shipping your car to Togo

Before exporting your car to Togo, it is important to ensure that your vehicle must meet the stipulations or guidelines of importing vehicles in that particular country. But here’s the good news. Togo’s rules related to the import of cars in the country don’t have any prohibition on a left-handed or right-handed driven vehicle. 

Furthermore, you can import cars of any age in the country but the law does emphasize that the vehicle should be able to meet the minimum safety and emission standards. In case of any problem popping up in the future make sure to keep all documents with you if the Togo Revenue Authority (OTR) requested to see them. 

Although Togo’s import duties and taxes are costlier than other countries in the world they are far less compared to its neighbouring country Nigeria. To calculate import and other duties, the cost, insurance, and freight value of an imported but used vehicle is used and added with the shipping cost and shipping insurance.

If you are importing used vehicles into Togo then you will have to pay 53.5% of the used vehicle’s cost, insurance, and freight value. But if you are an employee of an organization in Togo then you only need to pay 3.12% of tax and duties. Only a person working for the US embassy has exemptions from all duties and taxes.

FAQs about shipping cars to West Africa

What is the average transit time for shipping a car from the USA to Lome?

The longest time that it will take your car to reach from the USA to Lome is around 50 days via Seattle, from Oakland to Lome 48 days and the shortest transit time will be around 24 days from New York Port.

Are there any risks involved in shipping cars to West Africa?

Before shipping your car to Lome, Togo, also make sure that you are importing such a vehicle whose replacement parts could be easily obtained from the market. You can only ship a car whose make and model are durable and easily repairable. With shipping a luxury car you might face difficulty in acquiring its replacement parts in the future. 

Togo has a large market for importing used cars from other countries but also the smuggling of used cars from Togo to Nigeria is very high. So, if you are seeking to import cars to Togo for your car sales business you need to be meticulous when it comes to avoiding people who might try to use your imports for illegal purposes.

How can I buy cars from an auction and ship them to West Africa?

To buy a used car your first step should be to look for US auction sites. There are many authentic websites like Copart, AuctionExport, and IAAI that sell used cars at reasonable prices. Select the one you can afford by first filling out the registration form on that particular website. Only your driver’s license and an ID stating you are a national of Togo will be required. The registration is free although a fee will be required to enter the bidding for cars. You need to deposit 10% of your potential bid. Avoid fraudulent sites at each cost.

Should I buy a new car or an older one?

As Togo is a large importer of used cars from around the world you can also acquire a used car in the US and then ship it to Togo via Port of Lome. It will be less costly than shipping a comparatively new car to Togo from the US.


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