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Car Shipping to Tema, Ghana: Ship your vehicles with AFL

Are you looking for companies offering car shipping to Tema, Ghana? If yes, you are at the right place. This comprehensive guide will explain all the details you should know before car shipping to Tema, Ghana. Tema, Ghana: An overview of the port city Tema, Ghana is one of the busiest port cities of Africa. […]

Are you looking for companies offering car shipping to Tema, Ghana? If yes, you are at the right place. This comprehensive guide will explain all the details you should know before car shipping to Tema, Ghana.

Tema, Ghana: An overview of the port city

Tema, Ghana is one of the busiest port cities of Africa. This city is located 16 miles from the national capital city of Accra. It, being the eleventh most populous city in West Africa, is always an attraction for car lovers. The city also gets the advantage of being located on the site of a small fishing village. Along with all this, the City of Tema is home to many oil refineries and many such industries. As a result, demand for car shipping to Tema, Ghana is increasing with every passing day.

Car Shipping to Tema, Ghana

We specialize in shipping cars from USA to Ghana. The cars can be of any type or size- SUVs, Land Cruisers, Jeeps, Wagons, Trucks, or even motorcycles. If you wish to send a new car or a used one to Ghana, AFLis the name to go for. Not only new and used cars, but we also ship inoperational cars to Ghana, after taking all the necessary precautions and implementing the best methods to do so. Whatever be the make, size, and quality of the vehicle, if you wish to send it over to Tema, Ghana, that’s what we will do for you. We make sure that we deliver every vehicle within the designated time to the allocated spot at the populous harbour of Tema, Ghana. 

Being specialists in the routes, procedure, and documentation, we ensure that your car shipping experience to Tema is as flawless as you desire it to be. We explain the transportation process to Tema to all our clients before they finalize sending their vehicles off. There are primarily two methods you can choose to ship your car to Ghana. One is Container shipping and the other is RoRo shipping, depending on the choice of the client and the condition of the vehicle. 

Our services start right from picking up your vehicle to the moment it reaches your door. Our documentation experts do all the regulatory paperwork. Once it is complete, your car is ready to set off to Tema, Ghana with AFL. 

The process of car shipping to Tema, Ghana

Process of shipping car

When it comes to car shipping to Tema, we know how to do it best primarily because we know the region well. The process of car shipping to Tema, Ghana is as easy as ABC. It is not intimidating and overwhelming. You can understand the procedure in the following steps: 

  1. We begin by asking you for some details about the shipping requirements. Our dedicated agent will ask you about the delivery address, your preferred method of shipping, condition of vehicles, and destination port.
  2. We pick up your vehicle if you ask us to do so. If you choose to drop it off, we welcome you. We also ask you to choose a method of shipping. 
  3. Once all is in black and white, we load your vehicle and take it off to Ghana.
  4. Once it reaches the port, you are notified by our agents. 

Container Shipping to Tema, Ghana

At times, clients want an extra layer of security for their vehicles. In such a case, the option of container shipping is available. Your cars or any other vehicles that you wish to ship, will be loaded in a container, and that container will be shipped off to Ghana. This method is beneficial if you want to ship multiple cars to Ghana without compromising on safety. Moreover, we keep you updated about the location of your vehicles throughout the shipping process. There is a feeling of security associated with container shipping. 

In container shipping, there are different container sizes that you can choose from. You can choose a container from 20ft. to 40ft., depending on the number and size of the vehicles you are looking to ship. At AFL, we tend to make your lives easy by arranging the delivery of your vehicles to the port of origin. We also take up the responsibility for preparing all the documents, so that your delivery goes smoothly. The best part is that we have a transparent pricing system and there are no hidden costs. 

There are further two options available in container shipping. As per your requirements and preference, you can use a shared container or an exclusive container. A shared container means your car will be amongst other cars being shipped to the same location, whereas, an exclusive container gives you the advantage of shipping your cars alone in an entire container. 

Car Shipping to Tema

RoRo Shipping to Tema, Ghana

The most common method of shipping cars to Ghana is RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) shipping. RoRo shipping is the most economical way to ship cars to Ghana. Whether you are shipping a car, a bus, an SUV, a motorbike, a van, a truck, or oversized and magnanimous agricultural vehicles, RoRo shipping is for you. The best part about this method of shipping cars is that you will only be charged for the space that your vehicle occupies on the vessel. Another advantage of shipping cars to Tema, Ghana with the RoRo shipping method is that delivery times are reliable. As these vessels follow a schedule like airlines, there is very little chance of late deliveries. 

There are certain requirements for this particular method, which are listed below.

  1. The vehicle should be operable. It should be in a state that it can be driven onto and off the vessel. 
  2. The brakes of the car must be completely functional. 
  3. The gas tank of the car should at least be 1/4th full.
  4. You should not leave any expensive items in the car. 

Popular Ports for Shipping Cars to Ghana

After choosing the mode of transportation according to your shipping requirements, you need to choose a delivery port in Ghana. Tema, Ghana is a busy port of the city, and that is our destination to drop off the vehicle. We can also ship to other ports in Ghana as long as they allow automobile shipping. Moreover, you should also choose an origin port before we ship it to Ghana. Your choice of origin and destination ports also affects the cost of shipping. You can drive off your vehicle to the nearest port to your residence or simply ask AFL to pick up your vehicle from your home. We will handle the rest for you.

Mode of Delivery

When the vehicle reaches the port, you can receive it yourself or get it picked up by any one of your acquaintances. The person should carry the necessary information before we hand over your vehicle to your representative. If you think that someone is not available to pick up your car from the port, our representatives can deliver it to the location provided. As it is an additional service, we will add the charges to the shipping cost. 

Restrictions on shipping cars to Ghana

You cannot ship every vehicle to Ghana as there are certain restrictions on shipping cars to Ghana. For instance, you cannot ship cars older than 10 years to Ghana as the authorities have banned the import of such vehicles into the country. Similarly, you cannot ship cars involved in accidents to Ghana. Moreover, you have to provide a Title of Ownership before shipping a car to Ghana. When you work with AFL for car shipping to Ghana, we make sure that your cars comply with the import requirements of the country.

Cost of Shipping Cars to Tema, Ghana

The cost of shipping cars to Tema, Ghana is subject to fluctuation because of a lot of reasons. For instance, the distance between the origin port in the USA and the delivery port in Ghana affects the shipping costs. Other factors like the duty charges, transportation method, documentation fees, and season of shipping also affect the shipping costs. If you wish to choose our port-to-door delivery service, the total cost of shipping cars to Ghana will slightly increase. All these costs are explicitly mentioned in the quote that we share with you. 

If your documentation is not handled properly, you might have to pay higher costs for car shipping to Tema, Ghana. In case of delay in the picking up of the car from the port, we offer storage services to our clients. However, you should expect to pay extra for this additional service. 

Transparency is one of our prime traits. Working with AFL, you will never have to worry about the shipping costs, as we share everything beforehand. If you need a quote now, email us or get in touch with one of our representatives at AFL.

Find the Right Company for shipping cars to Tema, Ghana

International Car Shipping Company

It is vital for you to find a reliable company that can get your car to Tema, Ghana without any hassle. We recommend you choose AFL for a hassle-free shipping experience. Client satisfaction is always our first priority. We make sure that our representatives walk you through the process, addressing each possibility so that you do not feel left out from any details. Our documentation is impeccable which allows us to ship thousands of cars to Ghana. We are well aware of the procedures of customs authorities which allows us to ship your cars to Ghana without any delays. 


Shipping cars to Tema, Ghana is hassle-free with AFL. You can choose between RoRo and container shipping to move your vehicle to Ghana. We highly recommend that you choose RoRo for shipping cars to Tema, Ghana as this option is economical and efficient. Nonetheless, we do offer container shipping to people who want an extra layer of security for their vehicles.  We make sure that your cars are shipped to Ghana with the highest standards of safety. Call us today to get a custom quote according to your shipping needs. 

FAQs about shipping cars to Tema, Ghana

Which is the best method for car shipping to Tema, Ghana?

We recommend you choose RoRo shipping to transport your cars to Ghana. It is the most economical option to ship your car to Ghana. If you are not shipping a classic or luxury car, RoRo should work fine for you. 

Can you ship non-running cars to Ghana?

Yes, we do offer shipping services for non-running cars. Since inoperable cars need special arrangements to load and unload the car, you should expect to pay a much higher shipping cost. 

Can you pick my car from my doorstep?

Yes, we can pick your car from your doorstep, thanks to our logistics partner, SAKAEM Logistics. If you are too busy to drive your car to the nearest port, we will pick your car from your doorstep.


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