How to Ship a Car Overseas

The cost to ship a car overseas can vary greatly, depending on several contributing factors. AFL strives to deliver personalized quotes at fair rates.

Your dedicated agent will walk you through the first step by explaining how to ship a car overseas. You can communicate with them by phone or email, whatever is easiest for you. Your overseas vehicle shipment will begin with a request for a quote. 

For an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide a pick-up location, if you are requesting transport, the port of loading desired, the port of destination, and a completed description of the cargo. Fill out the simple quote request form that asks for all required information.   

 AFL can provide you with a personalized instant quote that’s tailored to your specific needs. Your dedicated international car shipping agent will take the time to understand your needs and adjust the quote if you have any specific requirements or additional services you might request. 

There’s no obligation to book your shipment. You also aren’t required to pay upfront for your booking for high-traffic ports. Our agents want you to be comfortable and confident with your booking.

When learning how to ship a car overseas, you’ll quickly realize that documentation is the key to success. Your AFL agent will ask for all necessary documentation. This includes the filled-out shipping order form presented after acceptance of your quote, title copy, and bill of sale or value of the cargo. Your booking will be delayed if you wait too long to send your documentation. 

If you choose to ship your vehicle in a container, it’s helpful to include a list of the items that are getting shipped to your vehicle. 

They will review all of the paperwork and help you make the necessary corrections. All of your provided documentation will need to be submitted to the port at the time of your cargo delivery. . If the client decides to bundle the booking and inland transportation service with AFL, this reduces the risk of customs rejecting your automobile shipment. Should you need assistance getting your vehicle to the port, your agent can make these arrangements for you. 

If US Customs & Border Protection rejects your vehicle shipment, your AFL agent will provide you with the additional assistance necessary to make the required corrections. This ensures that your overseas shipping doesn’t get delayed.

The third and final step is to remit payment and pick up your shipment. 

Once at the port of loading and cleared for export your vehicle will get loaded onto the vessel. It will then get transported to the destination port. 

Your shipment payment should be paid in full before the vehicle reaches the destination port to avoid additional storage charges. You can do this quickly and easily through AFL’s simple online payment process. Once payment is completed, You will receive an electronic release for your vehicle or cargo to obtain the delivery orders and retrieve your cargo at the destination. You can have your representative pick the car up at the destination with ease. 

Depending on the destination location, your vehicle may need to pass several inspections. This could include customs and emissions inspections.

Why us?

  • As a trusted international freight shipping company, we want you to understand how to ship a car overseas. Working with the wrong shipping companies results in your cargo shipment becoming lengthy, complicated, and costly. American Forwarding & Logistics helps to make the international shipping process quick, easy, and affordable.

  • Working with AFL gives you a trusted shipping partner that knows how to ship a car overseas for your international car shipping needs. Knowledge and experience are vital to the success of your overseas vehicle shipping. AFL specializes in knowing how to ship a car overseas from the United States to countries in Latin America and Western and South Africa. We work with vehicle owners to ship their vehicles by RORO or in a container. Our clients are private vehicle owners, business owners, and corporations needing international car shipping services.

  • We have a long-established relationship with international shipping companies ensuring your vehicle gets booked on a reputable carrier’s vessel. Our experience with individual ports helps to have a smooth customs process to prevent delays in delivering your vehicle to the destination.

Interested in shipping with us?

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