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How To Ship A Classic Car: Shipping Cars To West Africa


Shipping cars to West Africa can be a strenuous process. Because international car shipping needs extra care in handling and customs clearance, the other country might have strict rules & regulations regarding classic car shipping. Choosing the wrong method of international car shipping could also ruin your car during shipment. To save yourself from the nuisance of doing everything by yourself you need the help of an international shipping company which is an expert in shipping classic cars. AFL has the perfect leverage on shipping vintage cars overseas, specifically in West African regions. Like Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria.

Classic car shipping: An overview on shipping cars to West Africa

Shipping cars to West Africa needs a professional hand to deal with them. Whether you have bought them from an auction and wish to transport them to another country, or you want to sell them. In both cases, you need to be well-informed about the key process. They are expensive collectables, and shipping them requires a different method than it would to modern cars. 

A vintage car also needs classic car insurance which is very different from modern auto insurance. Because you have invested money and time in your car it would be wise to buy this insurance before shipping. That way you’ll be able to recoup any loss, in case it is met with unexpected circumstances during ocean transport. 

Available methods for classic car shipping to West Africa

There are many options to choose from before shipping. But you must choose a shipping method that goes well with what your classic car requires. Whether it needs to be strapped carefully or enclosed to save it from debris, or harsh elements during ocean freight. Because some shipping companies might use chains and metal which can scratch your car. You must choose an international car shipping company that gives attention to these details. And is mastered in shipping classic cars for a long time. 

Depending upon the requirements of your car, there are two shipping methods to consider:

Open or RoRo shipping to West Africa

Open Trailer

This mode of shipping is the most economical and faster method and involves securing your classic car on the deck of a RoRo ship. It will be parked among other vehicles and covered with a tarp for extra security. But to use this method of transport your car needs to be in pristine condition to drive on/off on the deck of the ship. We recommend checking it properly and taking some pictures before shipping.

Enclosed or container shipping to West Africa

To transport a luxury and vintage car, container shipping provides the safest method of transport. Your classic car need not be in pristine condition to use this method. Unlike RoRo shipping it won’t need to be driven on or off on the ship but will be enclosed in a steel container. The container offered by the shipping company could be 20ft or 40ft depending upon their availability or the requirements of your car. 

Enclosed car shipping

Furthermore, container shipping is divided into two modes. Here we have mentioned them so you could make a better decision regarding your preference:

FCL (Full Container load):

You could ship your classic car by using FCL ). It will be a bit expensive but a good choice for your luxury car. As the whole container will be leased only for your exclusive use you can send a lot of items alongside the car.

LCL (Less than Container load): 

Or you could choose the option of LCL which will also involve placing your classic car in a container but among other people’s goods or vehicles. You can also place personal items in to be the shipped car. It is a bit time-consuming if you need your car shipped quickly but is economical like RoRo shopping. 

But before using any method, make sure to check the restrictions, safety considerations, and prohibited list of items for that specific region. To where you are shipping your classic car. Because they might have strict rules against placing items in the car or the amount of gas left in your tank.

What is the cost of classic car shipping to West Africa?

The cost of shipping your classic car will depend on the timeframe and the distance between ports. A classic car might have a higher cost of shipping than a modern car. Due to the sole reason for it needing extra supervision and safety. Furthermore, the method of shipment you will choose, and any additional services you’ll take for your vehicle can also affect the shipping cost. 

Shipping companies calculate the transit cost per mile which is usually an average of $1 to $3 for each mile travelled by the carrier.

Classic car shipping: Factors affecting cost of shipping cars to West Africa

Various shipping factors could cause a delay or raise the shipping cost of your classic car. Shipping to West Africa need not be expensive. So, it would be wise to schedule the shipping of your car ahead of time with a reliable shipping company. To decrease the risk of any potential delay or shipping cost. 

Cost to ship a classic car

Even with taking careful measures, many reasons might delay your shipment or raise the cost of shipping. We have discussed some below:

Enclosed Transport

A vintage car could be shipped in an enclosed or open space depending upon your preferred method of shipment or the requirements of your car. If you are opting for an enclosed space, extra barriers to guard it, and materials to secure it safely, it will increase the shipping cost.

Shipping method

If the status of your car is non-functional then you would have fewer shipping options left behind. So, you must consider this factor also before shipping your vintage car overseas. It would be best if you would clean and prepare it first, so you can ship it in prime condition with your preferred method of shipping. 

Furthermore, your shipment method also needs to be chosen carefully for an added layer of security which will cost you more. 

If you are choosing a method where your car will be sharing the space with other people’s goods or vehicles it might cause a delay in shipment. Because the space needs to be filled before the ship will set to sail.

Weight & Dimensions

A vintage car that is compact will cost less to ship because of its’ less space usage. While a heavier car will incur more cost.

Marine Insurance:

Buying additional insurance to save your classic car from considerable risk will incur an extra cost. But as the vintage car is already one unique piece in the whole world, losing it will be an irreparable loss. To save yourself from this risk during transit it would be worth buying marine insurance.

Extra Duty & Fee

A vintage car is a collector’s item and will come under the customs and duties associated with luxury items. So depending upon the country’s customs where you are sending your classic car, heavy duties or taxes might apply.

Shipping Distance

If your origin port is far away from the destination port, every mile the ship will travel will add up in the shipping cost. The longer the distance, the more time it will take for your car to reach its destination.

Door-to-Door shipping services

If your schedule is hectic and you can’t drop your vintage car at the port or you are unable to receive it at the origin port. Then the cost of auto transport which will pick up or drop your car at the doorstep will add up in your shipping bill. They will also have to take your car in an enclosed container or secure it on an open trailer which will be an additional cost. 

Classic car shipping: Why Choose AFL for shipping cars to West Africa

Why Choose AFL Shipping

Before shipping your classic car overseas, you must be informed about the risk of shipping it to war-torn zones. Our company AFL is always endeavouring to keep you well-informed on global shipping statistics to save you from the risk of getting stuck at customs clearance.

Affordable Rates:

We understand that shipping a classic car can be expensive but with AFL you need not fear the raised shipping costs. Our professional sales team will offer you a quote after analyzing your preferences. We assure you that our rates are quite affordable and based on decades of market research and shipping experience. Furthermore, our team will guide you comprehensively on each step of shipment and keep you well-informed on the tracking process.

A licensed NVOCC company:

There are so many steps to follow during the shipment process, and each one could become a hassle if handled individually. AFL provides you with a comprehensive plan which will include the bulk of them. From customs clearance to transport, and the lengthy process of documentation we will save your time by handling it effortlessly. Additionally, we are an NVOCC licensed shipping company with direct contacts with logistics, and shipping lines. We will get your classic car cleared at customs in no time.

International classic car shipping: Final thoughts

Shipping classic cars overseas need attention to each specific detail. As a collector’s item, these vintage cars are unlike modern cars and require additional safekeeping during transit. Handling all of this process individually will raise the stakes of all kinds of loss or damage occurring during transit.

The customs clearance process of these cars might also be lengthy or need extra paperwork. This alone could become problematic for you if you are wishing to send your classic car to a specific West African region. Because some of them have the strictest import rules in the world, like Nigeria. 

So, before shipping a classic car overseas, take your time to research the country on its customs and import regulations. Where you want to ship your car. If all else failed then choose a company that has expertise in handling the international shipping of vintage cars. 

By getting the help of AFL, your vintage car would be safely shipped and your paperwork will be taken care of. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to tangle with the customs of each country.

FAQs related to classic car shipping to West Africa

What are the documents required for shipping classic cars to West Africa?

The documents you’ll need to ship overseas include Title of ownership, Bill of sales, Identification number or International Passport, Bill of Lading, and Power of Attorney form.

Which international car shipping method is best for shipping classic cars to West Africa?

Various shipping options are available like enclosed and RoRo shipping for shipping a classic car. You can choose according to your requirements. But your car needs to be operational for choosing some of them.

Is international car shipping for classic cars expensive?

It will depend upon the route of transport and the availability of the shipping method. Try not to ship your car during high peak seasons which could leave you with fewer options to choose from and will also raise the shipping cost.


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