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International Car Shipping in 2022: Move Your Car Overseas On A Budget

Are you looking for international car shipping at economical rates? This guide will walk you through the entire process of international car shipping and ways to get it done on a slight budget. The available options for International Car Shipping When it comes to international car shipping, there are multiple options available to you. The […]

Are you looking for international car shipping at economical rates? This guide will walk you through the entire process of international car shipping and ways to get it done on a slight budget.

The available options for International Car Shipping

When it comes to international car shipping, there are multiple options available to you. The method you choose for the process depends on your shipping requirements. We will explain all the methods you can use for international car shipping below.

RORO ships

For international car shipping, RoRo ships are the most common and inexpensive option available to you. In a roll-on-roll-off ship, multiple cars are driven on the board and then tied with the deck strongly for overseas shipping. The vessel then takes all the vehicles to the destination port. Unlike other shipping methods, RoRo ships are capable of transporting all types of cars. However, your car should be operable so that it can be loaded onto the vessel.

RoRo ships are like a huge parking lot where scores of vehicles are parked adjacently. The vehicles do not receive any damage since they are tied to the floor and locked in their positions. 

RoRo ships are also preferred by most people because they ensure timely deliveries. These ships depart from the origin port on schedule and you can expect to receive your car in due time. Since hundreds of vehicles are shipped on the same vessel, the departure date of the ship remains the same in most cases. 

As far as the shipping costs are concerned, RoRo ships are the most budget-friendly option available to you. Car manufacturers also use this option for shipping a large number of vehicles to another country. It is recommended that you do not leave any expensive items in your car while it is being shipped in a RoRo ship. If you need international car shipping for moving your everyday use car, then RoRo ships are your most economical and reliable option. 

Container shipping

Container Shipping
Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship

In container shipping, your car is not exposed to the harsh weather conditions of the sea. Instead, your car is loaded into an enclosed container for shipping purposes. The car is unloaded from the container only when it reaches its destination country. In container shipping, there are further 2 types which we have explained for you below.

Shared or LCL container

In a shared or LCL (less than container load) container, multiple cars are shipped simultaneously in a single container. LCL containers are widely used for international car shipping as the shipping costs are reasonable along with extra safety measures. Normally, a single container has enough space to accommodate 3-4 vehicles.

Unlike RoRo shipping, LCL containers give you the option to keep some luggage in the car. However, you should make a list of items before you leave them in the car. Another benefit of using an LCL container for international car shipping is that your car reaches its destination without any extra mileage. 

The process of international car shipping with LCL containers is a simple one. Once you book the shipment, a driver from the company inspects your vehicle. The CFR also takes care of the documentation required for international car shipping. The whole process of shipping is documented by the company. After the documentation is complete, the container is sealed and shipped.

The major drawback of this option, however, is that your car will be shipped only when the container is full. It means your shipment can get delayed due to an insufficient number of vehicles in the container. If you want to ship your car in a container without waiting for other vehicles, then you should consider FCL containers.

Private or FCL container

Unlike LCL containers, you won’t have to wait for other vehicles before your car is shipped to its destination. In private container shipping, you pay for all the space in the container. This gives you the luxury to keep as much luggage as you want in the container along with your car. Since you do not share a container with anyone, this method of international car shipping is more expensive than the other options. This option is suitable for you only if you are shipping a luxury or classic car. 

Factors affecting the cost of international car shipping

Several factors influence the cost of International car shipping. The price of international var shipping starts around a thousand dollars. The car shipping companies can charge you more or less than this price depending on your shipping requirements. Some of the important factors affecting the cost of overseas shipping are explained below. 

Distance to the destination

Shipping Location

Shipping distance is one of the main factors determining the price of international car shipping. The distance between the origin port and the destination port affects the overall cost of shipping. For example, you will be charged higher if you are looking to ship your car to the Middle East in comparison to transporting your car to a European country.

Method of shipping

The method of shipping is another factor that determines the cost of international car shipping. We have explained the different shipping options you can use to ship your car overseas. RoRo shipping is the most inexpensive option for anyone to ship a car overseas. Since scores of vehicles are shipped in a single vessel, the shipping cost per vehicle is lower as compared to other shipping options.

If you opt for container shipping, it is going to cost you more since only a few cars are shipped in a single container. Private or FCL container shipping is the most expensive option for international car shipping. In FCL containers, you have to pay for the entire space in the container. Although this option gives you the luxury to add a lot of luggage to the container, FCL containers are not a budget-friendly option for normal cars. It is only feasible if you are shipping a luxury or sports car.

Door-to-port costs

If you want the car shipping company to pick your car from the doorstep, then you can expect to pay a little extra for this service. The shipping company will send a shipping truck to your home. The cost incurred will depend on the distance between your home and the origin port.

The trucking cost also varies depending upon the size and condition of your vehicle. If your car is inoperable, then the shipping company will have to use special equipment like a winch to load and unload your vehicle. You should inform the shipping company about the condition of your car so that they can be well prepared before coming to your home.

However, you can save this cost by driving the car to the origin port. If the distance between your home and the origin port is small, then driving your car to the port is a good option. On the other hand, if the distance is large, then you should rely on the shipping company to move your car.

Size of your car

Another factor that affects the cost of overseas shipping is the size of your car. If your car is bigger than a normal SUV, then the shipping company might charge you more. The size of the car becomes critical in the case of shared container shipping where space is very limited. However, if you go for RoRo shipping, the size of your car is hardly a problem since the space is not an issue on RoRo ships.

Import fees and handling charges 

Import Fees & Duties
Import Fees & Custom Duties

When your car lands in the destination country, you have to pay the import fees. Import fees depend on the policy of the destination country and vary from country to country. You can check the import fees beforehand from your car shipping company as well. 

Moreover, you have to pay the vehicle handling charges which add up to the overall cost of shipping. If you don’t pick the vehicle from the port on the arrival day, your car will be kept at the port. You will have to pay extra storage charges though. You can also send someone else, known as a consignee, to pick your vehicle from the designation port. However, make sure that the consignee has enough money in hand to pay for these extra charges. 

Marine insurance for international car shipping

Although marine insurance is optional, we highly recommend that you get the vehicle financially insured while it is in the waters. The insurance company insures your vehicle from the instance it is loaded onto the vessel to the instance it reaches the destination port. During this period, the insurance company will pay for any sort of damages your vehicle receives. 

Although the overall cost of shipping increases with marine insurance, we recommend that you go for it for the safety of your vehicle. Doing this will ensure that your investment is safe against natural calamities.

Why Choose AFL for International Car Shipping?

Ready to ship your car overseas? Let AFL do the job for you. International car shipping should not be an exhausting experience for anyone. Shipping with AFL will leave you with a pleasant experience that makes the process simple with good communication, transparent prices, and personalized shipping solutions. Below are some of the reasons that make AFL your go-to option for overseas car shipping.

AFL is an NVOCC service provider

One of the major benefits of working with AFL is that we are an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier) service, provider. This means that we can load the vehicle into a truck from your home and ship it to the origin port. From there we book a vessel for your car shipment. Add to that the fact that AFL is a licensed NVOCC provider. The Federal Maritime Commission is the agency that regulates ocean-based shipping in the US and issues licenses to only those companies with vast overseas 

Our Documentation services for international car shipping are exceptional

International car shipping comes with extensive documentation that needs to be taken care of. When you ship with AFL, you need not worry about any sort of documentation. Our experienced team has been handling the documentation for thousands of customers for years now. Therefore, we know which documents are required for exporting your car to any country in the world. Moreover, different countries have different requirements for overseas car shipping. Our team of professionals will make sure that you possess all the requisite documents for shipping your car to the destination country.

AFL offers door-to-port shipping

Door to Port Shipping
Door to Port Shipping

AFL feels proud to tell you that we offer door-to-port shipping services to our customers who do not wish to drive their cars to the port. We can provide you with this service at economical rates thanks to SAKAEM Logistics, our shipping partner. When you book an overseas shipment with us, our partner shipping company will pick the car from your doorstep. Our professional team will then keep you updated throughout the shipping process. Make sure to inform us of the condition of your car beforehand. If you have an inoperable car, we’ll have to use special equipment like a winch to load your car onto the truck. 

Competitive quotes for your shipping needs

Since AFL is an NVOCC service provider, we can offer you the most competitive rates for international car shipping. Our direct contracts with shipping lines allow us to book large spaces on shipping vessels. Our long-term relationships with shipping lines allow us to offer budget-friendly shipping rates to our customers. 

What do you need to provide us for international car shipping?

Before your car is shipped overseas, you need to provide us with a few things so that your shipment goes smoothly. A few important requisites are discussed below.

Car Registration, ID, and Title

Before you book an overseas shipment with us, it is ideal to make copies of the original title of your vehicle. You can keep copies with yourself after you hand over the original title to the car shipping company. The original title comes in handy when moving your vehicle in and out of the ports. If you choose our door-to-port shipping service, you’ll need to provide us with the car registration as well. Finally, we will need your ID for identification purposes so that we can hand over the car to you or anyone else on your behalf. You can also give a copy of your passport if you have a foreign passport. An EIN will also do the job in case you cannot provide a US passport. Different countries have different policies regarding necessary documentation. Therefore, these verification documents can be different for different destinations.

Vehicle keys

When a driver from our team receives the vehicle from your doorstep, you need to hand over the vehicle keys. The keys are required to load and unload your vehicle throughout the shipping process. For instance, if you are using RoRo shipping, then we need your car keys to drive the vehicle onto the vessel. Similarly, when the vessel reaches the destination port, we’ll need the keys to drive your vehicle off the ship. Once the vehicle has landed safely in the port, you can take the keys back. 

When you hand over the vehicle to the car transporting company, you have to give the car keys as well. This is important as the company needs the keys to load your vehicle onto the shipping vessel. When the car arrives at the destination country, you can get your keys back.

Ready to ship your vehicle overseas? Get in touch to get a custom quote for your specific shipping needs.


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