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8 reasons to hire a car shipping company instead of driving the car

If you want to relocate your car, there are a couple of options on the table. The obvious one is to drive the car yourself to any destination. While this option may look affordable to you, there are good reasons you should avoid going for it. Hiring a car shipping company is more suitable for […]

If you want to relocate your car, there are a couple of options on the table. The obvious one is to drive the car yourself to any destination. While this option may look affordable to you, there are good reasons you should avoid going for it. Hiring a car shipping company is more suitable for relocating your vehicle. In this blog, we’ll provide you with 8 reasons to choose a car shipping company instead of driving the car yourself. Let’s get started.

The need to relocate cars

There are many reasons why you might need to transport a car. Perhaps you’re moving to a new city and need to bring your car with you. Or maybe you’ve just purchased a new car and need to get it home. Another possibility is that you need to transport a car for business reasons, such as delivering a new car to a customer. Or, in some cases, you may need to transport a car because it has been damaged and needs to be taken to a repair shop.

Available options to move your car

Regardless of the reason to move your car to another city, the first thing you think about is what are the available options for transportation. You may think that the obvious choice is to drive your car to your desired location. 

But a better and more convenient option is to hire a car shipping company. We highly recommend choosing a car shipping company in the USA for relocating your car. 

Why not drive the car yourself?

Why Not drive Yourself

Although driving a car to your destination is doable, it is still unnecessary and will be tiring. Though road trips are fun, they can add to your physical and mental stress if you are traveling alone. 

Besides, keeping your car in prime condition is better because driving long distances will increase wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Reasons to opt for a car shipping company

On the other hand, hiring a car shipping company and using their car shipping services will take a massive burden off your shoulders. There are several reasons why you should hire a car shipping company. The primary ones are down below:

Save time with a car shipping company

When you plan to move to another city or state, you have plenty of things to take care of. With more than enough on your plate, you’ll also have to invest time driving to your location. It doesn’t matter if your destination is a city nearby or a far-off state. You’ll still have to schedule all your other work around relocation. 

For instance, you drove a couple of hundred miles and suddenly encountered a closed-off route or road blockage due to bad weather or construction activity. It means figuring out an alternative way to your destination will take considerable guidance and time. 

On the flip side, many car shipping companies will offer you door-to-door services. A professional auto hauler can pick up your car from your doorstep and deliver it to your desired location. Instead of scheduling and spending your valuable time driving, you can do something productive or enjoy extra time doing your favorite activities. 

The car shipping company is cheaper

Driving all the way to your desired location will incur fuel, lodging, and food costs. If your car unexpectedly breaks down, gets a flat tire, or has an overheated engine, you can expect to spend considerable money fixing it. 

You cannot just guarantee that nothing will happen to your vehicle during the journey. Moreover, driving long distances will require you to take some days off work. So, this would mean a disruption of your work and may cause a decrease in your income. 

But on the other hand, car shipping companies charge a fixed amount cheaper than driving the car will cost you. Also, shipping companies transport multiple vehicles in a single truck. This also reduces the shipping cost per vehicle. 

However, your shipping cost will depend on various factors such as the type of car, its condition, transport distance, and the shipping method.

Vehicle safety

If you choose to drive your car a long distance, it will increase wear and tear on your vehicle resulting in repeated visits to the car mechanic. The overuse will cause your car to age. Furthermore, the damage to the tires, engine, interior, and body will also decrease its value over time in case you want to sell your car in the future. 

Any debris, metal pieces, or nails scattered along the way can cause damage to the car’s tires. But a vehicle shipping company will provide insurance from the moment they pick up your car till its delivery. 

The weathering will be significant, especially if you own a vintage car. On the other hand, if you choose an auto shipping company, it will provide auto transport services for moving your vehicle in a truck. This will ensure your car remains in perfect shape. 

The professional drivers will also ensure to handle your car with care and safety throughout the shipment process. Even if anything happens to your car during the journey, your shipping company will reimburse you for the value of your vehicle.

Personal Safety

Other than the safety of your car, your own mental and physical health is also crucial for your driving safety. You may not be used to long journeys as a regular car owner. 

Driving for a long time can be taxing, causing exhaustion and making you vulnerable on the road. If you get bored and sleepy, you will lose focus, increasing the risk of getting into an accident or upending your car in a ditch. 

In contrast, a car shipping company will handle your vehicle shipment while you can book a plane ticket to reach your destination with complete peace of mind. Besides, professional drivers are used to driving long distances and are trained specifically for this purpose.

Option to relocate multiple cars in one go

One trip to a far-off location is enough to exhaust you. But if you have multiple cars to transport in another city or state, it’s impossible to go back and forth. Furthermore, some people buy several vehicles from auctions, and transporting them is not feasible without the help of a car shipping company. 

Auto shipping companies have increased shipping capacity and can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. They use carriers to ship multiple cars in a single trip.

Car shipping companies are reliable

To choose a shipping car shipping company search on Google and check for car shipping reviews by people with shipping experiences. Avoid companies with no reviews or lots of negative reviews about the same issues. 

Professional car shipping companies only work with truck drivers who have passed background checks and years of transporting vehicles experience. So, you can trust that the company is reliable and will ship your car using the proper equipment. They will also deliver your vehicle in a timely manner. 

No planning required

When driving a car yourself, you’ll have to consider various factors. For instance, if the routes are closed, Google Maps won’t account for the closure. Due to a closed path, you won’t be able to move forward, and going backward will be a hassle. You may not know alternative routes or may have to take longer alternative routes.

On the other hand, car shipping companies have carriers with special GPS devices installed to switch between routes efficiently. The drivers are also knowledgeable about various alternative ways. 


Once you decide the location where you want to move your car, write down the exact address and zip code. Do the same with your pickup location. This will ensure that the shipment booking process goes seamlessly. 

As soon as you decide to relocate, it’s wise to book in advance. Start searching for car shipping companies. Comparative to peak season, choose a time when the demand is low, and you can save money on shipping. 

Your shipment process includes research, booking, and shipping. Take your time researching, getting free estimates, and choosing a suitable shipping company. Professional shipping companies will never push you into booking instantly. So watch out for those companies that pressure you into taking immediate action. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to move a single car or multiple vehicles, hiring a car shipping company will always work in your favor. Driving long distances with your car will increase its wear and tear and cause mental and physical exhaustion. Therefore, it is more affordable, safer, and convenient to send your car with the help of a shipping company.

So, if you choose AFL instead of driving your car to your destination, you have made the right choice. Our company offers a fast and secure shipment to deliver stress-free shipping. With over ten years of experience in car shipping overseas and locally, our company has served 1300 customers and fulfilled 150,000 shipments. 

We provide instant free shipping quotes based on competitive pricing. Our company has no upfront or hidden costs. We calculate our shipping rates based on the latest market trends. Other than managing the shipment process, we can take care of your documentation and customs clearance processes if you are shipping internationally. No matter the size of your cargo, our company can provide you with a personalized shipping method tailored to meet your needs. 

Moreover, we also offer local transport and door-to-door services. Our auto haulers can pick up your car or multiple vehicles from your doorstep in one go and drop them at your required location. So book your shipment today for a seamless shipping experience with AFL.


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