Track Your Booking or Shipment

Know exactly where your shipment is at all times

By adding tracking numbers, you can now monitor bookings and shipments on one dashboard. Choose either booking or shipment from the search results and input your AFL tracking number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone is familiar with shipping cargo overseas. Look to the right to see answers to the most common shipping questions.
The cost to ship a car variers depending on the size and weight of the vehicle, the distance the vehicle is traveling, whether the shipment is expedited, and the current season’s shipping demands.
The majority of shipping companies that provide RoRo shipping also offer container shipping and vice versa. The automobile must be in operating condition to be sent with RoRo since it must be driven aboard and off the ship. Container shipping involves storing the vehicle in an open or closed container that is loaded aboard the ship. The automobile does not have to be in working order to be moved by container.