Shipping car to Guinea Conakry

Shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA at affordable pricing

Shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA need not be a complex process with the right shipping company. Fortunately, AFL specializes in shipping to all West African regions, including Togo, Senegal, Ghana, and Nigeria. Our company provides competitive pricing, open communication, and personalized solutions to make your shipping experience seamless. Introduction to Guinea Conakry, West […]

Shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA need not be a complex process with the right shipping company. Fortunately, AFL specializes in shipping to all West African regions, including Togo, Senegal, Ghana, and Nigeria. Our company provides competitive pricing, open communication, and personalized solutions to make your shipping experience seamless.

Introduction to Guinea Conakry, West Africa

Bordering on the West of the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea is a coastal West African country with the city of Conakry as its central capital hub. The country is famous for its bauxite and iron ore deposits and is also a diamond and gold producer. It has the potential to become the wealthiest country in West Africa. 

Guinea has a tropical climate, with April to November having a fair share of the rainy season. During these times, the roadways are not always passable, especially after a rainstorm.

Guinea also shares the border with many West African countries like  Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. There are only a limited number of vehicles in Guinea, so most car purchasers turn towards buying affordable and reliable cars from the US.

The country shares a bilateral economic relationship with the US and exports a fair portion of used cars, bauxite, and iron to the country. 

Popular ports for shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA

There are several ports in Guinea, with the Port of Conakry being the largest seaport in Conakry and the largest city in the country. The port is medium-sized but able to handle both RoRo and container shipping, and most of the country’s trade takes place on this seaport. The terminal of Conakry port has a storage capacity of 8000 TEU and can hold 2000 vehicles at once.

However, there are not as many routes available from the US to Guinea as there are to other West African countries. Other ports in Guinea include:

  • Camayenne
  • Kindia
  • Nzerekore

Methods of Shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA

You would have to discuss with your shipping agent which shipping method will be best for shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA. The shipping method you’ll choose will depend upon its availability and the size of your cargo. 

Besides, you would also have to ask your shipping company from which port in the USA you can ship your vehicle to Conakry because some ports in Guinea may not be able to handle all modes of shipping.

RoRo shipping

Utilized by most shipping companies worldwide, RoRo shipping is the cheapest and fastest method for shipping cars to Guinea Conakry from USA. You can import a whole fleet of vehicles by this method. The cars will be tied down securely on the vessel and covered with a trampoline for safety. 

They’ll be rolled off the deck as soon as they reach Guinea. But this shipping method requires that your car be operational to drive off the ship’s deck. However, if you want to import a luxury car, you may choose the container shipping method for additional security.

Container shipping

Container Shipping

It may not be an economical shipping method like RoRo, but it is the most secure for importing a luxury car. You can also send other items alongside your vehicle, which will be placed in a 20ft or a 40ft container, depending upon its availability and the size of your cargo. Container shipping is further divided into two modes of shipping.

FCL or Private Container shipping

FCL (Full Container Load) or private container shipping involves shipping your luxury vehicle alongside your goods in a sealed container. In FCL shipping, you won’t have to share the container with anyone, and it will be exclusive for your usage. However, this shipping method might be more expensive than RoRo.

LCL or Shared Container Shipping

LCL (Less than Container Load) or shared container shipping involves sharing the container with other people’s goods. You would only have to pay for the space that your items and vehicles will occupy. So, this shipping method is less expensive than FCL. Though, your shipment may take a while to reach Guinea as the container would need to be filled before the carrier can depart from the origin port.

Requirements for shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA

Before shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA, you would need an import permit from the Guinea Customs Authority. Without it, your shipment won’t be approved for import.

In addition, you would also be required to present a letter to the General Customs Manager to explain your purpose for importing your vehicle. You would also have to give an IM5 declaration and receipts for VAT and RTL, showing that you’ve paid for imports. 

In reply, you would get a one-month valid temporal admission form. Furthermore, you would also have to inform the Ministry of Transport of the imminent arrival of your car in Guinea.

All vehicles will be pre-inspected before import by a CRE inspector who will label them “satisfactory” if it meets standard requirements. Moreover, you would have to present your vehicle purchase order alongside a Fich de Demande d’Inspection at Guinea Customs.

Customs & Duty, Guinea Conakry

There are two kinds of taxes that Guinea Customs follows. A 2% tax based on a CIF value of a car and an 0.8% import assurance tax. Customs & duty tax is calculated based on the car’s CIF value, year, and engine type.

An 18% Relevance sure Traitement de Liquidation (RTL) charge plus VAT will apply on shipping a new car to Guinea Conakry from USA. The duty will be 40-50% of the car’s sales value. Also, a 20% depreciation margin will be included in the calculation as per Guinea Customs rules.

Restrictions to shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA

You can only ship a used car below or equal to 3.5 tons with not more than 13 years of usage as of July 15, 2021. The Guinea Government also allows only left-hand vehicles. Failure to do so would result in penalty and destruction or re-export of the vehicle.


Guinea Customs is notorious for taking time in clearance. So your documentation should be complete and filled with current information; otherwise, you would have to wait for a long time for your vehicle to clear customs. Your shipping company would guide you about the paperwork process. However, the most common documentation required are:

  • Title of Ownership.
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Original Bill of Sale.
  • Appraisal certificate for the car’s evaluation.
  • Document showing the engine capacity.
  • Registration card.
  • Passport.
  • Original bill of sale.
  • Bill of Lading.

What factors influence car shipping to Guinea Conakry from USA?

Before shipping car to Guinea Conakry from the USA, you must remember that several factors can raise the overall shipping. So you need to plan your shipping budget around those factors. They include:

Dimension & weight

The size and weight of your vehicle are determining factors in the shipping cost. Any increase in the size of your cargo may result in raising the overall shipping cost.

Customs clearance

Each country has its own customs clearance fee plus additional charges depending upon the usage of the vehicle. So, the import of a new or used car may incur higher taxes according to the customs law of that particular region.


The shipping cost will also include the distance that your shipment will travel from the US port to the destination port in Guinea. The more the distance will be, the more there will be an increase in the shipping cost.

Why choose AFL for shipping your car to Guinea Conakry from the USA?

Shipping cars to Guinea Conakry, West Africa, includes extensive paperwork. So, if you handle it individually, you will be solely responsible for finding the shipping methods that best suit your purpose of clearing your car at customs with the required documents. 

Besides, the customs laws of every country are subject to change, so if you are unfamiliar with them, it could result in huge taxes, penalties, or re-exportation of your car. 

With AFL, you won’t need to research or handle everything independently. Our company will take care of everything on our own, from the documentation process to inspections and ensuring our agents in Guinea clear your vehicle from customs as soon as possible without any hassle. Here are the benefits that you’ll get if you choose to ship your car with us: 

NVOCC services

AFL is a licensed NVOCC freight service working directly with shipping carriers worldwide to provide you with a flawless shipping experience at competitive rates. We’ll help you plan your shipment, take care of your paperwork, and ensure the secure delivery of your vehicle without any unnecessary delay to your required destination.

Our company specializes in shipping at scale to all West African regions such as Togo, Senegal, Nigeria, and Ghana. It will help clear your vehicle at both US and Guinea customs.

Door-to-door services

Sometimes if you have a hectic schedule, you may not find time to drop your vehicle at the port for shipment to Guinea, so our transport partners can take care of that for you. We provide door-to-door services and ensure safe pick-up from your location to the port. In addition, we can also drop your vehicle from the seaport in Guinea to your desired location.



What is the cost of shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA?

Several factors influence the cost of shipping cars to Guinea Conakry, West Africa. However, the average shipment cost from the USA to Guinea ranges between $1795 and $6000.

Is buying marine insurance for my car worth it?

Yes, we recommend buying marine insurance before shipping car to Guinea Conakry from USA. It’s a type of cover that minimizes the risk of damage or loss that may occur during shipping from origin to destination. So, you won’t suffer any financial loss in case of any hazard on the sea.

How much time will it take for my car to reach Guinea Conakry, West Africa, from the USA?

The estimated transit time to ship a car from Guinea to the USA is four weeks, but in the worst-case scenario, it may take up to 6 weeks for your shipment to reach Guinea Conakry, West Africa.

Can I place personal items in my car during RoRo shipping?

The Department of Transportation does not allow any personal items inside the vehicle. Moreover, your car will also be inspected before import, depending upon the sea route.


Shipping cars to West Africa, specifically Guinea Conakry, from the USA is a complex process with lots of paperwork required to clear the Guinea Customs. You would also need to submit several documents to import your vehicle successfully. Furthermore, there are not many routes available from US to Guinea, so you would need the assistance of a reliable shipping company specializing in shipping to West Africa who can take care of your paperwork and handle customs clearance themselves.


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