Shipping Cars to Gambia

Is Shipping Cars to Gambia, West Africa a Good Idea?


Shipping cars to West Africa need not be a hassle with the right shipping company. Luckily, AFL specializes in shipping cars from the US to Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Benin, and many countries in West Africa. We can help you prepare documentation, clear the customs process, and inspect and ship your vehicle without unnecessary delay. So, move your car today to Gambia, West Africa, with a guaranteed smooth sailing experience.

Introduction to Gambia, West Africa

Gambia is a member of ECOWAS, the main driving force behind the development of its economy. Although it doesn’t share a bilateral trade relationship with the USA, being a member of ECOWAS means it is a beneficiary of (TIFAs). The US shares this agreement with (WAEMU).

Gambia enjoys a strategic location that assists the country in connecting with other countries worldwide. Banjul is the capital city housing the principal seaport of the country. The port and the city are both located near the Gambia River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Popular ports for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

Banjul port is the principal seaport of Gambia, playing an essential role in the country’s economy. It accounts for 90% of the Gambia’s trade volume handling an annual cargo tonnage of 1.5 million. Also, it can support 13.440 TEUs of annual container volume.

The port of Banjul plays a vital role in the trade and distribution of cargo to the landlocked African countries such as Mali and Guinea Conakry. Other major seaports of Gambia include:

  • Bakau
  • Brikama
  • Farafenni
  • Lamin

Mode of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

There is only a limited coastline available in Gambia, so shipping is more accessible at certain times of the year. Check with your shipping company for available shipping methods, and advance booking at the most affordable rate. Usually, shipping companies utilize two modes of shipment worldwide because of their availability and affordability. You can choose one according to your shipping requirements. These methods are:

RoRo shipping

RoRo is the most commonly used shipping option because of its efficiency and affordability. It is the least expensive method for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa. You can send all kinds of wheeled trucks, vans, and vans with RoRo. Your vehicles will be rolled on and secured on the ship’s deck for delivery, and at reaching the destination, they will be rolled off. They could be picked up at the port or driven to your location by your shipping company’s logistics services.

Container shipping

Container shipping might be a bit more expensive than RoRo, but it’s worth the protection that it will provide to your vehicle. Your shipping company will allot you a 20ft or 40ft container according to your shipment needs. It’s a reliable shipping option if you wish to send your vehicle, household items, or car accessories. Container shipping includes two more options.

FCL or Private Container Shipping

FCL (Full Container Load) or private container shipping is a reliable option if you are shipping luxury cars to Gambia. The whole container will be yours to utilize, and you can send as many cars or goods as will fit inside it. However, this shipping option will cost you more because you’ll be paying for the whole container.

LCL or Shared Container Shipping

LCL (Less than Container Load) or shared container shipping includes sharing the container with other users’ goods. You will be allotted the container the same as in FCL, but you would only have to pay for the space your vehicle or other items will occupy. This shipping option will cost you less. However, LCL could take time to reach Gambia as the container needs to be filled before departure.

Method of Shipping Cars to Gambia

Cost of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

The cost of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, depends upon various factors such as the size and weight of your vehicle, customs & duty, and method of shipment. But the average cost of shipment lies between $2300 to $4700.

Customs & duty

Gambian Customs include various taxes and duties on the import of vehicles in the country. Each country’s customs laws are subject to change, so we advise contacting your shipping company or visiting the Gambian Customs website before shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa. You can also contact the Gambian Embassy in the USA for information regarding your specific requirements.

The various taxes and duties include a 25% import duty for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, depending upon the CIF value of the vehicle. Additional excise duty comprises 20% of the CIF value and Import Duty. A 16% VAT of the CIF value, import duty, and excise duty are also included. Additionally, a 2.25% IDF (import declaration fee) of the CIF value or D45,000, whichever is higher, must be paid.

Requirements for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

There are several rules and regulations to shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, that you must follow. You cannot ship a vehicle that doesn’t meet the import standards set by the Gambian Government. Furthermore, you would also need some documents required for the shipment and customs clearance processes.

Restrictions on shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

Shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, over eight years of age from the manufacturing date is not allowed. The import of right-hand drives in the country is also restricted unless you have a Gambian Police waiver certificate. Moreover, your vehicle will be inspected for its roadworthiness at the Gambian Customs.

Documentation requirements

Several documents are required for the customs clearance process in both Gambia and the USA. Failure to produce the proper documentation can incur heavy penalties. So, you need to fill your paperwork with the correct and current information required. Here is the standard paperwork necessary for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa.

  • Bill of lading.
  • Certificate of origin including vehicle chassis and engine no, make, model, and manufacturing year).
  • Cargo release order.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Customs import declaration.
  • Proof of residency or work permit.
  • Passport.
  • Social security car.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Health or environmental certificate.

Factors influencing the cost of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa

If you are shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, several factors can affect the shipping price. So, if you want a competitive price, you must choose a shipping company with vast shipping experience worldwide. In addition, always book your shipment in advance to get the best price and avoid unnecessary delay. The factors that can raise shipping costs and should be considered are:

Mode of shipment

The cost of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, depends on the shipping method. Whether you choose RoRo or container shipping from the USA, each shipping option may cost you differently. However, RoRo shipment from the USA to Gambia will cost you less.

Distance between ports

Shipping prices are based on the distance between origin and destination ports. So, the shipping costs will also include the price of each mile it will take for your vehicle or cargo to reach Gambia from the USA.

Custom fees

Each West African region has its own customs laws and import requirements that are subject to change. Whether your vehicle is new or used, its condition can incur a high tax, which in turn influences overall the shipping cost.

Shipping season

Increased shipping demand and less availability of shipping methods in a particular season can influence the shipping prices. During the peak seasons, which are usually in mid-August, the cost of shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, might be higher.

How to find the right shipping company for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa?

International Car Shipping Company

If you are shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, you need to be familiar with the customs laws and handling lengthy documentation and customs clearance processes. But with AFL, the process wouldn’t feel intimidating to you as our company has the advantage of working with experienced shipping and logistics partners worldwide.

We specialize in shipping to all West African countries such as Senegal, Togo, Ghana, Benin, and Nigeria. So this ensures that your shipment will sail smoothly and your vehicle will be delivered to Gambia promptly. The services we offer include:

Personalized shipping methods

Whether you are shipping several cars to Gambia, West Africa, or a single vehicle, each shipment is different. So, it needs a customized solution. AFL prides itself in listening to your needs and crafting a personalized solution according to your vehicle, shipping schedule, and budgetary requirements.

We have no upfront costs or hidden charges, and our prices are fair and competitive in the shipping industry. You’ll only be paying for shipment when the car gets delivered to your doorstep in Gambia. Our company offers both RoRo and container shipping services that are insured and transparent. Therefore, you can track your shipment anytime you want.

Processing services

You would need several documents to clear the customs process in both the USA and Gambia. But with AFL, you wouldn’t have to take care of this lengthy process. Our experienced agents will gather all required information and help you prepare your vehicle and the necessary paperwork required. So, you can enjoy a smooth shipping experience.

Door to port services

We understand that you might be busy dropping your car at the origin port. But the AFL has the solution to this inconvenience. Our logistics partner will have no trouble picking up your vehicle or several vehicles from your home and dropping them at the port.


How much time will it take to ship cars to Gambia, West Africa?

If excluding the environmental and other factors, it will take an average of 25 to 40 days for your vehicle to reach Gambia. The time is taken in the journey also depends upon whether you are shipping from the East or West Coast of the USA.

Can I ship a car to Gambia from the USA by myself?

Yes, you can arrange to ship your car to Gambia by yourself. However, you’ll be solely responsible for handling both countries’ customs and documentation processes. If you consult with a shipping company like AFL, they will be responsible for shipping and delivering the vehicle to your doorstep in Gambia. In addition, they will also handle all your paperwork, inspection, and customs clearance process.

Is buying marine insurance for shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, worth it?

Yes, marine insurance will minimize the risk of damage or loss while transporting your vehicle. In case of a mishap, you’ll be able to recover the value of your cargo. AFL offers full marine and inland insurance coverage for your car from the point of pickup till it is delivered to your location. Contact us to know more about what our insurance policy covers.


If you are shipping cars to Gambia, West Africa, the process could be challenging if you arrange the shipment yourself. You’ll have to face several complications like documentation, inspections, and customs clearance processes. A simple solution to all this inconvenience is to contact a shipping company that has experience shipping to the West African regions and can handle all the details. They will be able to provide you with a personalized solution to your shipping needs and a smooth sailing experience.


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