Shipping cars to Lagos

Shipping Cars To Lagos? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria in the African continent and has emerged as the country’s financial hub. Also considered Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos has become a significant tourist spot lined by extravagant resorts, plush clubs, and great nightlife. With seaports, Lagos has also become one of the major cities to trade with, which […]

Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria in the African continent and has emerged as the country’s financial hub. Also considered Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos has become a significant tourist spot lined by extravagant resorts, plush clubs, and great nightlife. With seaports, Lagos has also become one of the major cities to trade with, which gives Nigeria’s economy a significant boost. 

Although Nigeria continues to deal with geopolitical tensions, the country has shown robust development over the years. The prosperity has trickled down to the masses who now own mansions, have an excellent standard of living, and are making good money. Consequently, the demand for shipping cars to Lagos, Nigeria has also grown multi-fold in Lagos over the years. With the city having direct access to ports, importing cars into Lagos becomes even more accessible, prompting people to get their most desired and dream cars into Nigeria. 

So whether you are planning to temporarily move to Nigeria or a permanent resident, car shipping to Lagos, Nigeria, is no longer a luxury. It is a very cost-effective process to get your car in Nigeria in the safest and shortest time possible. 

In this blog, we are going to understand the entire process of shipping cars to Nigeria and give a breakdown of the time it takes to do so, the things you need to keep in mind, the essential documents you would require, and most importantly, the cost of shipping a car to Lagos, Nigeria. 

Looking to import a car from the USA to Nigeria? Read on to know everything to do it correctly!

Methods for shipping cars to Lagos

Nigeria is one of the top importers of vehicles, primarily cars from the U.S. A lot of cars one sees on Nigerian roads are imported. Be it a hatchback car, a sedan, or an SUV, American-made cars find a lot of interest from the Nigerians. So, if you have your mind made and eyes set on a vehicle being sold in the USA or a car currently stationed in the USA, you will have to find a method for car shipping to Lagos to bring it to Nigeria in the most hassle-free manner. There are a lot of car shipping companies that can help you; however, you need to first zero in on one method to do so. You can choose from the two methods that are commonly used: 

Shipping a container to Lagos

One of the most commonly used shipping cars to Lagos is using a container shipping service. As the name suggests, the experts will load your car onto a shipping container that will then be loaded onto a cargo ship and start its journey from an American port to Lagos. 

The container comes in 20 feet x 40 feet, where 2-4 cars can be loaded on one container. This is an enclosed trailer, so you can rest assured that this will protect your vehicle from any environmental agent. Based on your booking, you can also can other things in your shipments like car accessories, personal items, or other things. 

The most significant advantage of using a container to transport your car from the USA is that you can share the container with other vehicles on the same route and save money, making it one of the cheap car shipping to Nigeria. Moreover, you can also get a car shipped from the USA to Nigeria even if it is not working or functioning. Nevertheless, an essential factor you need to keep in mind when using a container shipping service to get your car shipped from an American port to Lagos is that it can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. 

RoRo car shipping to Lagos  

If you do not want to use a shipping container to get your car shipped to Lagos or if you think that the cost of shipping a vehicle to Nigeria from the USA is not in your budget, then you can explore the ‘Roll on Roll off’ or RoRo service. RoRo shipping to Nigeria is a straightforward shipping process in which you can get your car shipped to any port in Lagos. Mainly used for running and functioning cars, the RoRo shipping service guarantees cheap car shipping to Nigeria, the most cost-effective and popular. 

In the RoRo shipping to Nigeria, the shipping company will drive your car directly onto the ship via ramps. Once the car is onboard the ship, the shipper will use strong harnesses to secure the car properly. The vessel may also have other different types of vehicles that may have been onboarded the ship using ramps and safety harnesses. The process is unbelievably easy to load and unload the car from ramps. 

RoRo shipping from the USA to Nigeria is highly beneficial. It ensures that the transport company will ship your car out in the most straightforward, safest, and cheapest way from the USA and deliver it to you in Nigeria. Manufacturers of new vehicles generally prefer using this method since the RoRo shipping cost to Nigeria is very competitive and valued for every buck you spend. 

One advantage that RoRo shipping has over container shipping is that the roll on and roll off charges and other charges are much lesser than what it may cost you for booking a container to ship your car from the USA to Nigeria.  

Thus, you can opt for one of the car shipping companies from the USA to Nigeria and opt for one of the abovementioned car shipping methods to bring your car to Nigeria from any place in the USA.

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Popular ports of shipping

There are 11 ports in the USA you should be aware of before shipping cars to Lagos. These include:

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Baltimore, Maryland 
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • New York 
  • Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Galveston, Texas
  • Providence, Rhode Island 
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Freeport, Texas

These are the major cities where there are ports with different shipping lines that sail out to Nigeria. However, you must remember that Nigeria has only one arrival shipping port in the country, which is Lagos. The Port of Lagos is also known as the Apapa Quays or the Premiere Port. The Port of Lagos is the country’s largest and busiest port, established in 1913 and handles a major chunk of the African trade. 

Cost of shipping cars to Lagos

The cost of shipping a car to Nigeria from the USA is highly influenced by factors unique to each customer and each vehicle. However, most fundamentally, the price determines which American port the company will use to ship the car out since it establishes the final distance between the original and final destination. Let us discuss some of these factors, which will help you estimate the cost of shipping a car to Nigeria

1. The area of pick up  

Although all the American ports shipping a car to Nigeria are located on the Eastern coastline, each port is different from Lagos. For example, Galveston in Texas is the most distant from Lagos (6,700+ miles), while Boston in Massachusetts is the closest (5,200+ miles). Therefore, the port of origination will decide the final distance, which helps estimate the cost of shipping cars to Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Car type  

Another factor that plays a crucial role in determining the shipping car to Nigerian cost is the type of car getting shipped. Naturally, it costs less to ship a smaller car than a bigger one. Each vehicle has its weight, engine, and specifications that must be kept in mind. Therefore, if you are getting a hatchback shipped, it will cost you the least. The cost of getting a sedan will be much higher while getting an SUV or a luxury car will be the highest.  

3. The medium of shipping  

There is no doubt that the RoRo shipping cost to Nigeria is much lesser than using a container service. Not only is it the simplest way to ship a car to Nigeria, but it is also a cheap car shipping to Nigeria method. Using a container might be slightly more expensive due to the additional weight of the container. 

Other factors like the shipping time also play an essential role in understanding the shipping car to Nigeria cost. Similarly, clearance and customs also have separate charges. Moreover, crude oil prices also play a significant role in determining the final cost of shipping a car to Nigeria. As per a rough estimate, it can cost you anywhere between $1000 to $1500 when it comes to RoRo shipping costs to Nigeria. At the same time, the container service can cost you anything between $1500 to $4000 for a 20 feet space in a container. 

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How much time does it take to ship a car to Lagos?

If you are wondering how long to ship a car from the USA to Nigeria, you should know that distance plays a crucial role in determining this. For example, if your car is being shipped from a port in Texas, it will take longer than the time it takes from a port in Maryland, Massachusetts, or any other port on the Eastern side. 

Nevertheless, to understand how long to ship a car from the USA to Nigeria, there are some factors we can consider: 

1. The medium of shipping  

RoRo shipping to Nigeria is a medium that ideally takes lesser time when compared to using a container service. The shipping process is also straightforward since the car has to be rolled onto the ship. With the container service, the vehicle has to be first loaded onto a container that is then moved onto a ship- the same exercise has to be done when unloading the car at the Lagos port, which increases the final shipping time.

2. Port of origin or route taken  

The route taken is vital in getting an estimate of the shipping time. For example, the shortest route for RoRo shipping from the USA to Nigeria is from Baltimore in Maryland to the Tin Can Port in Lagos. This route takes the shortest time to ship your car, which is a mere 18 days. On the other hand, if you’re getting your vehicle shipped from any port in Texas, it can take 25-28 days for your car to arrive in Nigeria. Therefore, the point of origination and the route will be the best guide to help you understand the time it will take shipping cars to Lagos

3. Weather and season  

Since shipping a car to Lagos, Nigeria is through international waters, the nature of the climate and the seas make a huge difference. If the weather is stormy or a tornado or high tidal wave approaching, the company won’t roll the ships into the waters. Similarly, the vessel in the sea may have to change course or slow down if the sea is rough. 

4.     Miscellaneous factors  

The process of processing documents, checks and clearances can also take time which is different for each Government official. In addition to this, the type and size of your car and shipping company also help understand how long to ship a car from the USA to Nigeria

What are the documents needed to ship a car to Lagos?

When you start the process of car shipping to Lagos, you need to get all your clearances, receipts, paperwork, documents, and other related proofs ready. It is crucial to remember that the process of due diligence in shipping cars to Lagos might become longer without these documents. 

The documents you need to keep handy are: 

  • The car title and its registration details 
  • The car purchase invoice
  • The insurance papers of the car being shipped
  • The Bill of Lading 
  • Proof of you owning the vehicle being shipped 
  • A copy of the owner’s passport 
  • Evidence of the car being loan-free
  • Seaway Bill or Telex Release
  • Dock receipt 
  • Documents proving that the vehicle has been through emission checks 
  • A certificate of the car’s roadworthiness
  • Details of the vehicle (model number, type, chassis number, year of manufacturing, maker)
  • A certificate of value 

You will also need to copy the customs duty you paid at the U.S port and the Lagos port. However, the documentation can feel massive. Car shipping to Lagos, Nigeria, is effortless after this step. 

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How Does The Process Of Shipping A Car To Lagos Work?

The shipping of a car to Lagos from the USA can be made breezy when you opt for one of the best car shipping companies from the USA to Nigeria. A reliable car shipping company will take you through the entire process, explain the paperwork to you, and even make sure that the vehicle is delivered to your doorstep in the swiftest and safest methods possible. 

Here is a detailed breakup of the process used by car shipping companies from the USA to Nigeria:

  • Finding a car shipping service

The first step is to choose a car shipping company for car shipping to Lagos. Ensure that the company offers all the features you are looking for, like pick up and delivery, etc. 

  • Negotiating a price

To get a cheap car shipping to Nigeria quote, you need to give the company all the details as accurately as possible. Negotiate for the best rate and close the deal 

  • Paperwork is completed

After this, you will have to arrange all the paperwork as required by the car shipping company, pay the due taxes and customs, and keep all the receipts in one place. 

  • The car gets picked up, and transit begins.

After you sign the Bill of Lading, the car gets loaded onto the ship as per your chosen method and begins its journey towards Lagos in Nigeria. 

  • The car reached the Lagos port.

The car reaches the Lagos port and is unloaded from the cargo ship. You can receive the car’s delivery at the port, have it delivered to where you are staying, or have someone else pick it up for you from the dock. 

  • You get the car’s delivery.

Once you get the delivery of the car, you sign off the Bill of Lading, completing the process of RoRo shipping from the USA to Nigeria

Regulations and restrictions for importing a car to Lagos

Although the U.S ships many cars to Nigeria using the Lagos port, not all vehicles can pass through the checks as per the current rules and regulations. The laws have put in place certain norms that must be followed both by the car shipping companies and the person getting the car shipped to Lagos, Nigeria. 

Here are the regulations and restrictions you need to be mindful of when it comes to car shipping to Lagos, Nigeria:

  • All cars and 4 x 4 vehicles being shipped from the USA to Nigeria must not be older than 14.5 years from manufacturing. The auto transport company will not ship any car more than 14 years and six months old from the manufacturing date from the USA to Nigeria. You can find the date of manufacturing in the car’s title documents. (Remember that this does not apply to other 4-wheelers like trucks and vans)
  • You can ship both left-handed and right-handed cars into Nigeria. So, you can rest assured about the side where the driver’s seat is. 
  • Keep all the original documents and the Bill of Lading handy when collecting the car from the Port of Lagos. 
  • You must have a certificate of the car’s roadworthiness and be fit to be driven on the roads.
  • The car must have gone through emission checks and must be compliant with the latest emission standards followed in the country. 
  • To steer clear of the perils of paying double taxes at the time of collecting the car in Lagos, Nigeria, you need to have proper proof of payment of taxes and duties, in addition to the evidence of ownership of the car, marine insurance, and the Bill of Lading given by the car shipping company. 
  • If the car is non-running, you need to have accurate details. There are separate norms about importing vehicles that do not function. 

AFL Ship adheres to all the rules and regulations followed by the U.S and foreign countries when shipping cars. Call us with your query today at  (954) 527-9900!

How to find the right shipping company to ship a car to Lagos?

If you want to find the right shipping company for shipping a car to Lagos, Nigeria, you will have to make sure that you find one which fits best with your specific requirements. Ensure that you give them all the details beforehand to avoid any miscommunication at the time of pick-up or delivery. In addition to this, you can get the quotes for the shipping car to Nigeria cost, compare all the features and services offered by the different companies, and then make your choice depending on the cost of shipping a car to Nigeria from the USA, as charged by a car shipping company. 

FAQs regarding shipping a car to Lagos

What are the restrictions on getting a car shipped to Nigeria from the USA?

The current restrictions on getting a car shipped to Nigeria include the age of the vehicle and the presence of proper documentation. Your vehicle should not be older than 14.5 years from the manufacturing date, and you must have all the necessary paperwork, including the tax and customs receipts.

How long will it take for my car to reach Lagos from the USA?

Based on which American port your car is being shipped from and what shipping method is being used, the time taken for your vehicle to reach the port of Lagos can range from 18 days to 4 weeks. Weather and the roughness of the sea also play a significant part in the time it takes to do so. 

What is the cost of shipping a car from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria?

The final cost of shipping a car to Lagos, Nigeria, depends on a range of factors like the U.S port from which the car is being shipped and whether you are using the RoRo car shipping method or container service. Container shipping is generally a little more expensive than RoRo shipping.

Will I get my car at the Lagos Port?

Based on your preferences, as communicated to the car shipping company, the car can either pick it up at the Lagos port or have your representative collect it for you, given they have all the paperwork to get the vehicle released. 


Shipping a car from an American port to Lagos in Nigeria can look a little overwhelming, especially for first-time importers. However, if you choose the right car shipping company to do so, you can sit back and relax about your car reaching the port of Lagos in the safest way possible. Find the best car shipping company to ship a vehicle to Lagos, Nigeria, from the USA at the most competitive rates and rest assured that you will have the best experience!

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