Shipping Cars to West Africa

Shipping Cars To West Africa in 2022: The Best Car Shipping Service from the USA

Shipping cars to West Africa in 2022 can be an arduous task if you are not well informed about the process. From its departure to arrival in Africa, your car has to go through several checks including the hectic paperwork. Hiring an expert in this regard can provide a lot of help to make this […]

Shipping cars to West Africa in 2022 can be an arduous task if you are not well informed about the process. From its departure to arrival in Africa, your car has to go through several checks including the hectic paperwork. Hiring an expert in this regard can provide a lot of help to make this journey smooth and simple.

Here in this guide, we will inform you about the best international shipping services in the U.S. and the practices involved in shipping a car to west africa in 2022.

Shipping Cars to West Africa in 2022

Shipping Cars to West Africa
Western Africa map

Africa is a vast continent. Every country has its own rules and laws regarding the import of vehicles. Knowing about the laws of the destined country is a prerequisite for transporting your car without any hiccups.

If you involve some reputed international shipping company like AFL, you can sail through the customs barriers with quite ease.

International Practices for Shipping Cars to West Africa in 2022

International shipping practices in 2022 involve RORO shipping, private container shipping, and shared container shipping for transporting your vehicle overseas. You can read a brief overview of these methods for a better understanding.

RORO Shipping

In this mode of shipment, cars are driven/rolled onto the ship and then rolled off again once they reach the destination port. When shipping cars to West Africa, employ AFL’s RORO shipping options for more consistent departure and arrival times as well as cost reductions. One of the major advantages of choosing RORO shipping is that it is the most gentle way of loading and unloading your vehicle.

With roll-on/roll of movement, the size and shape of a vehicle is simply a non-issue. You get enough space on the deck to fasten even large agriculture or construction sector vehicles.

RORO is a cheap and most common way of shipping your car across the Atlantic in 2022. Your vehicle is anchored to the deck of the carrier ship. You can pick any departure time and the company will load the car to the cargo ship accordingly. 

Private Container Shipping

Although the company ties your car to its fixed spot in RORO shipping, it is still vulnerable to damages on its open voyage under the sky. However, this is not the case if you ship it in an enclosed container.

In private container shipping, your vehicle gets an exclusive container in which it is locked and sealed before resuming the long trip. 

Additionally, exclusive container shipping minimizes the risks associated with RORO shipping. It provides more safety to your treasured vehicle. However,  the major drawback of using this option is that you have to pay high costs of shipping compared to all other shipping options.

Shared Container Shipping

This is the midway between RORO shipping and exclusive container shipping, both in terms of cost and safety. Hence it is the most cost-effective way of transporting your car to Africa in 2022.

A shared container ships multiple vehicles to an identical location. Per vehicle shipping cost in LCL ( less than container load ) shipping is much lower as compared to isolated FCL ( full container load ) shipping. Moreover, you also get an added layer of safety for your car which is not there in RORO shipping. Hence, it is a more economical and safe way of shipping your car.

On the flip side, you do not get the choice to decide the exact time of departure in shared container shipping. The shipping company will only launch the container on the vessel after it is occupied by the required number of cars.

Cost Involved in Shipping Cars to Africa in 2022

Cost to ship a car
Little blue car with cash roll on roof rack

A well-known international shipping company like AFL can provide you with a free estimate of shipping costs based on the origin and destination point. We can give you a final quote after knowing all of your requirements regarding the cargo process.

The total cost of shipping a car to Africa in 2022 is contingent upon several factors. Major variables influencing the cost are:

Shipping Distance

If we pick your vehicle from the doorstep, you will have to pay the charges for moving the car to the origin port or the nearest warehouse.

The distance between the departure place in the U.S. and the destination port in the African country is a major determining factor.

Whether you are transporting your car from the east coast or west coast. Shipping from the east coast will cost you less. 

Mode of Shipment

If you opt for RORO shipping, you will be in a position to save your hard-earned money. It is cheap in comparison to the other two options. Moreover, with vehicle insurance, you can eliminate the safety concerns in this method up to a great extent. 

On the other hand, container shipping will put some burden on your pocket. FCL or private container shipping is more expensive and if opted, adds a lot of weight to the bill. Ultimately, the choice is always yours.

Currency Value

Since all the international transactions are carried out in U.S. dollars, the currency exchange rate will also affect the overall shipping cost. Shipping a car to Libya will cost more than Sierra Leone or Uganda. The reason is the strong currency of Libya. 

Import Charges

You have to pay import taxes once your car reaches its designated country. Import duties vary from country to country. Additionally, you have to pay the vehicle’s offloading charges. 

Insurance Charges

Insurance cost is optional. If you go for marine insurance, the shipping company will provide insurance coverage for your vehicle. Although it may raise the total cost, the price is worth paying to ensure the safe delivery of your car.

The Process of Customs Clearance

If you are on your own, you may find the process of customs clearance complicated and stressful. You can assign the task to any international shipping company and they can make the job quite easy.

You have to produce certain documents required for the clearance of your car at the port. This paperwork might cost you some money as well. Importing cars in certain African countries requires extra documents and taxes. Therefore, this may as well add up to the ultimate cost of shipping.

Getting the services of professional experts will save your time and energy. Therefore, we would recommend you not to indulge in legal headaches of understanding the complex shipping laws of a country. Instead, approach a shipping company that offers all the explanations on a single platform.

Custom Clearance
Custom Clearance

Documents required for shipping your car to Africa in 2022

Bill of Sales

A bill of sale is necessary to prove that you bought this vehicle from its previous owner. This establishes the fact for the U.S. customs that the car is in your ownership. You are not required to submit the original document. So, a duplicate copy will do the job.

Original Title

U.S. customs also require the original title of your vehicle. The car you purchase has a lien on its title. It acts as insurance for the lender. To clarify, you need to pay off the car completely to free it from the lien. So, only a car without a loan or lease can qualify for the shipping ride to other countries.

Passport / EIN

In case you are not a U.S. citizen, customs clearance requires you to provide a copy of your international passport for transporting the car. For U.S citizens, the Department of IRS issues an Employer Identification Number which they need to submit to U.S. customs.

Power of Attorney

By filling up this form, you legally authorize a person/agent to act on behalf of you. In other words, shipping companies require this form to designate a professional shipping agent which can handle all the clearance-related troubles on your behalf.

Shipping Form

This form contains all the necessary information that is required by the shipping services for the hassle-free shipment process. In short, details regarding your vehicle, your preferred mode of shipment, departure date and time, all are covered in this document.

Choose AFL for shipping cars to Africa in 2022

Till 2022, AFL has successfully executed more than 150,000 shipment orders. Our dedicated team of experts left no stone unturned to gain the trust of our valued clients. From shipping a large number of vehicles for businesses and corporate entities to facilitating individuals, our cargo services stand out for efficiency and clarity.

Here is how AFL makes car shipment to Africa in 2022 easy.

Quick Cargo Clearance Services

With strong networking and vast knowledge of customs regulations, AFL experts make sure that your cargo leaves the port at the scheduled time.

Likewise, our shipping agents make sure to complete the paperwork without invoking unnecessary hurdles and delays from U.S. customs.

Moreover, we ensure timely submission of documents so that your shipment steps onto the vessel as early as possible.

NVOCC Shipping Solution

AFL is a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. Unlike your typical freight forwarders, we have a stamp of trust from the U.S Federal Maritime Commission. Most importantly, this license has been earned on the back of providing quality shipping services for an extended period. 

As an NVOCC service provider, we maintain direct contact with the shipping carriers. Therefore, we are capable of quickly securing a spot for your car in the vessel.

From documentation and customs clearance to the departure and ultimate delivery, every process is handled with extreme sophistication and professionalism.

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates
Cost to Ship a Car to West Africa

Along with getting your documents processed, we negotiate shipping rates with the carrier lines and get you the best possible prices. 

The benefit of having direct contact with shipping lines is that we can secure and book large spaces for our clients in advance. As a result, this helps us to get some cost concessions and we use it for the benefit of our esteemed customers.

Door to Port and Port to Port Shipping Service

When you choose AFL as your shipping partner, you absolve yourself from all the worries instantly. 

For instance, we offer door to domestic port transport service for our clients who are too busy to get their vehicles to the port of origin by themselves. 

With access to a large number of warehouse facilities at the ports, we efficiently move your cargo to the place of departure.

Once done with the customs clearance, AFL wastes no time sending your vehicle to the ocean trip.

Customized Shipping Services

Catering to the needs of clients is our priority. We can take care of any extra special requirements for your vehicle. Therefore, we handle each shipment according to the demands of the shipper.

AFL assigns agents to provide tailor-made, personalized services for your premium vehicles. So, we suggest cost-effective solutions to our customers so that they can make a much better and insightful decision about the whole shipment process.

Where exactly AFL ships cars to Africa in 2022

International Car Shipping to West Africa

West Africa is a well-established market for auto exporters all over the world including the U.S. Meanwhile, the fast-growing network of roads in West Africa has raised the demand for new and old vehicles alike. 

AFL has you covered for all the major ports in West Africa. From Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal to Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, and Togo, we can assist you in shipping cars to West Africa anytime.

As a result, we can aid you in the preparation of documents, get custom clearances and ship your car to western Africa with RORO or container shipping.

International Car Shipping to South Africa

South Africa is another great destination for imported cars. This country has a huge growing automotive sector. Consequently, hundreds and thousands of cars are imported in this region every year.

AFL has vast experience in handling car imports to South Africa. So, we can assist you a great amount in getting your vehicle shipped in an orderly manner. In addition, our experts are ready to take you through all the affairs involved in shipping a car to South Africa.

So, here is a complete list of African countries where we ship.

  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Ghana 
  • The Gambia
  • Togo
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Niger
  • Benin
  • Cape Verde
  • Burkina Faso
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Mali
  • Mauritania

Make a Wise Choice for shipping cars to Africa in 2022

To sum up, making the right choice is important to get through the shipping process conveniently.

Therefore, trusting an experienced international shipping firm like AFL can help you easily cross the barriers in getting your car shipped to Africa in 2022. Pick up your phone, get a fair quote for your next shipment straight away and free yourself from all kinds of trouble and worry.


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