Shipping cars to west africa

Shipping cars to West Africa: move your car to Cote d’Ivoire

Shipping cars to West Africa can be quite a nuisance. With lengthy customs and different prohibitions of each country involved, a person might have no idea about the rules & regulations of import in that country. But this process could be manageable with our auto shipping company AFL which will take it upon them to […]

Shipping cars to West Africa can be quite a nuisance. With lengthy customs and different prohibitions of each country involved, a person might have no idea about the rules & regulations of import in that country. But this process could be manageable with our auto shipping company AFL which will take it upon them to relieve you from all this inconvenience of doing it yourself.

Shipping cars from the US to Cote d’Ivoire

We know it might be difficult for you to ship your car to Ivory Coast as you may not know much about this country. Do you know that Port of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire is the second largest port in the whole of Africa? This port is famous for providing international transit to other landlocked countries of Africa. More than $70 million worth of equipment and vehicles are imported to Cote d’Ivoire also called Ivory Coast. For the past many years the market for used cars has been growing steadily in that country. In fact, second-hand cars make up 78% of the vehicle market.

Available options for shipping cars to the Ivory Coast

The first step to shipping your car to Ivory Coast is to find the best conveyance method. Most of the shipping companies in the world use two methods of transport which we will guide you on so you could choose the best one for your car. You can ship it according to your needs and budget. These two methods are:

RoRo shipping to West Africa 

This is the most frequent method of ocean freight chosen by many shipping companies because of its ease in transport and economical advantage. It is very simple for the wheeled vehicles to be rolled on the deck of the ship and stored like in a multi-story car park. For further security, they are also fastened down on the deck. 

Container shipping to West Africa

This method might be a little more expensive than RoRo but it comes with a container in which you can ship your car. It is the best choice if you want to send some other belongings with your car. When shipping to West Africa, the container will be placed on the vessel. Usually, shipping companies provide 20ft and 40ft containers so you could choose according to how many goods you want to place in it along with your car. There are two more options to choose from the container shipping which we have mentioned below:

FCL or private containers

In FCL (Full Container Load) or private containers, you will be leasing the whole container for your car. If you want a quick shipment from the US to the Ivory Coast without any delay then choosing this method will have an advantage for you.

LCL or shared containers

In LCL (Less than Container Load) or shared containers, your car would be stored among other people’s goods or vehicles. You will be charged only for the space your car or goods will occupy. The disadvantage is that your shipment might get delayed a bit as the container has to be filled for the ship to sail towards its destination.

Time & Cost of shipping cars from US to the Ivory Coast

Time and cost to ship a car

The average cost of shipping from the US to the Ivory Coast is $3000 to $7000 depending upon the factors involved in transport. An approximately 2.5% CIF value will be charged for the used vehicle or goods. In addition, a vehicle registration fee of around EUR 690 per vehicle will also be charged.

RoRo shipping will take 30 days to reach, whereas container shipping will take an average of 30-40 days to reach the Ivory Coast. In the worst-case scenario, the shipping could take a whopping 60 days to reach the destination.

Factors impacting cost and time of shipping cars to West Africa

There are many factors involved that could delay or cause a rise in the cost of your shipment. You must consider them before shipping your car from the US to the Ivory Coast. We have discussed them below:

Fuel prices

Fluctuations in the price of the fuel at the international level might cause the shipment cost to increase.

Weather conditions

Bad weather, storms, or rising ocean waves both can cause a delay in shipment.

Shipment methods

Whatever method you will choose for shipping your car will matter. RoRo is the quickest method of shipment while container shipping might take a while to reach from the US to Cote d’Ivoire.

Port-to-Port distance

The larger the distance between the port of origin and destination, the higher the cost will be of shipping your car.

Marine Insurance

Signing for additional marine insurance might raise the shipping price a bit but it will also provide a guarantee against damage caused by an accident or hurricane during shipment.

Door-to-port service

If you are taking an additional service like transporting your car from your house to the origin port, it will add up in your shipment bill.

Size of your vehicle

Shipping companies usually charge according to the space so the bigger your car will be the more space it will occupy in a container during shipping.

Custom clearance: 

A delay might happen in the shipment of your car if you are importing prohibited goods alongside it. An additional fee might also be charged for registration if your car is not registered.

Prohibitions & exemptions for shipping cars to Ivory Coast

Prohibitions & exemptions

The customs regulations on importing goods or vehicles in Côte d’Ivoire are quite lenient. There are not many prohibitions on imports in Cote d’Ivoire and the majority of items don’t require a letter of authorization. Some products could also be imported without an importers license. But still, it is necessary to check the list of items that are prohibited or exempted before shipping your car to the Ivory Coast or you can contact the Ivory Coast’s embassy to get more information.

Used vehicles older than 5 years are not allowed in the country. Furthermore, a CIF value of 2.5% will be charged on used goods & vehicles. Your documentation must be complete otherwise a heavy fine will be imposed by the customs for non-compliance.

Beverages containing more than 20% alcohol need a license to import. Importing livestock, some textile products, health and beauty products all need licenses from specific ministry departments of the government.

Ammunition, fertilizers, and pornographic material are prohibited.

Why choose AFL for shipping cars to West Africa?

Importing your car from the US to the Ivory Coast might require lots of documents. A customs clearance and import duty alone can become a headache for you if you tried to ship your car to the Ivory Coast individually. But with AFL’s customized shipping solution you can heave a sigh of relief. When it comes to handling paperwork and shipping problems our professional experience will come in handy. 

Personalized shipping to West Africa

There are many methods of shipping to choose from that a person might get confused about. We understand that your budget might be limited. But our agents are ever ready to listen to your shipping needs and provide a personalized solution according to them. AFL will provide you with quality shipping service within your budget.

Coverage from damage

There are always risks involved with shipping goods or vehicles to other countries. Buying additional insurance might cost you more, but at least it will eliminate the risk. But you don’t need to buy it yourself. Our company also offers marine insurance to save your personal belongings from any incident that might occur during shipping. Our agent will provide you with the exact details needed for the insurance of your vehicle.

No upfront charges

Our company strives to provide transparent services for our customers. We will be fair in our dealings with you. There are no upfront charges. You’ll only pay for the shipment when we will deliver your vehicle to you. AFL also offers door-to-port services so if you have a hectic schedule and are unable to drop your car at the port. Our logistics partner will handle it for you. 


All in all shipping goods or vehicles to Ivory Coast is a complicated process and without the assistance of a reliable shipping company, your shipping costs might disturb your budget. Furthermore, you would also have to take care of all the paperwork, the extra cost of door-to-port transport and the customs clearance process by yourself. 

Every country’s customs have their list of banned items and these rules are constantly added or deducted from the imports prohibition and exemption rule book. So, this can get quite confusing. In addition, if your goods or vehicle got stuck in customs it could become a headache for you.

You need a ‘Single Point of Contact’ which will take care of all your shipping needs and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. With vast experience, AFL will provide you with a comprehensive plan which will make your shipping hassle-free.. 

FAQs about shipping cars to West Africa

FAQs shipping cars to West Africa

Which is the best method for shipping cars to West Africa?

RoRo shipping is the most economical and quickest way of shipping the car to the Ivory Coast.

How much will be the customs duty for shipping cars to West Africa?

Different countries have different duties and taxes but customs in Cote d’Ivoire charges a fiscal duty and a customs duty. Both are combined to form a 35-45% duty charge on the vehicle according to its value, model & engine cc, etc.

Which documents are required for shipping cars to West Africa?

The documents required for shipment are Original Registration card, OBL (vehicle assessment document), Non-sale Certificate, Change of Residence Certificate, Copy of Passport, Bill of sale, import license. 

How many days will it take for my car to be cleared at customs?

Usually, vehicles can take 2-3 days for clearance, but if there is a holiday or event it could take many days for your shipment to be cleared. Also, take care not to ship prohibited goods alongside the car because it might result in an imposed fine.


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