Shipping to Latin America

Planning to ship a car to one of the countries in Latin America? Instead of thinking too much about the shipping process, get an instant quote from AFL to get started.

Automotive Market Full of Opportunities

Latin America is often recognized as the most urbanized region in the world, with nearly 80% of its population living in cities. The automotive industry in Latin America also offers a plethora of opportunities for auto exports from other countries. Colombia's automotive market, for example, has seen an increased demand for motor vehicles and auto parts beyond local production capabilities, making the country a good market for shippers to look into

Where we ship in Latin America

AFL has you covered if you’re shipping to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and other countries in the South and Latin American regions.

When shipping cars to Latin America, AFL will assist you with US customs clearance, domestic pickup and transportation, and export your cargo to the destination port in the Dominican Republic.

AFL provides international car shipping solutions to Costa Rica. From getting US Customs approval to sending your cargo to your chosen destination port, shipping to Costa Rica is never a problem with AFL.

Beyond the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, AFL can help ship your car to Brazil, Peru, Panama, and many more countries in South and Latin America.

Our Personalized Shipping Methods

AFL offers both container shipping and RORO shipping to South America and other Latin American countries.

If you need to ship a vehicle to any country in South America or other Latin American territories, AFL's Roro is the easiest and cheapest shipping option to use.

For added protection when shipping exotic cars to Latin America, either AFL’s consolidated or exclusive container shipping option will meet your needs.

What determines shipping costs when shipping cars to Latin America?

Container and RORO car shipping rates to South America is determined by factors such as pickup location in the US, the vehicle type and size, international shipping method used, distance from the US departure port to the destination port, and time of the year.

If you’re shipping a car from the East Coast USA, it’s cheaper than shipping from the West Coast. In any of these US regions, the vehicle pickup location also influences the final shipping costs.

Shipping a compact car to Latin America is less expensive than shipping a big SUV or pickup truck. To get a quote for the size of your vehicle, contact AFL.

Your final delivery costs will be higher if you use container shipping instead of RORO shipping to South America. Contact AFL for ways to reduce your costs.

In Latin America, there are different countries to ship a car to from the United States. The distance your car would travel from the US border to a receiving port in your chosen Latin American country will have an impact on the final shipping price.

Shipping cars to Latin America during the busiest moving months of the year typically results in higher shipping costs. To know when it’s best to ship to Latin America, contact AFL.

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To ship to South America after buying a car, find a shipping company for a quote. You will need proper documentation that proves you're the lawful owner of the vehicle you want shipped as well as to handle customs clearance in the US. To have a stress-free shipping experience, contact a competent shipping provider like AFL to know what to do and what not to do when shipping cars to Latin America and South America regions.
Yes, you can ship a car using RORO shipping to South America or any other Latin American territory without being in the United States. You can also use our container shipping option, particularly when you want to ship high-end cars. Whether you’ll be shipping containers to South America or using Roro, find a reputable shipping company, provide all necessary paperwork, choose your shipping option and preferred receiving port in Latin America, then sit back and relax. To have peace of mind that your containerized cargo or Roro car shipment will arrive safely at the incoming port, only work with a qualified shipping provider. Remember that you won't be in the US to keep track of your cargo. The shipping company you choose will do the work for you. Contact AFL to discover what we have been offering those shipping vehicles to South America, and how those professional services can help you!
Generally, shipping times to regions in South America take between xx and xx. However, factors such as domestic and international shipping, possible customs clearance delays, how distant the destination port is from the United States can all cause longer shipping times when shipping cars to Latin America. At AFL, we are fast at completing the paperwork so that there are no unnecessary delays.
AFL ships to Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and other countries in the South and Latin American territories. Please contact AFL to know the ports we ship to in these regions.
Car shipping to South America is handled by international shipping companies that have what it takes. AFL is one shipping company with a large network of reliable partners in the US. We have enough resources at our disposal to make your Latin America shipping a seamless experience if you ship with us. Contact us for container or RORO car shipping rates to South America today.