Shipping a Car to Costa Rica

Shipping to Costa Rica from the United States doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Get an instant quote to see how easy and affordable AFL’s car shipping solution is

Costa Rica automotive market at a glance

Costa Rica is known as an incredible location with national parks where tourists enjoy thrilling activities. As for the Costa Rica automotive market, the sector has seen increased demand for and discussion around SUV-type vehicles. And with new auto makers making it into the Costa Rica automotive market, you might want to consider automotive and car cargo shipping to Costa Rica from the United States.

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Avoid unnecessary expenses and delays when exporting cars to Costa Rica from the United States. See how AFL’s customs clearance assistance and on-time shipping solution can help you.

From filing shipment documentation to paperwork corrections, AFL has years of experience and industry knowledge to help you get US customs approval for your cargo.

AFL can pick your vehicle from your door or US location to the port of departure. We make it easy so you don’t experience unnecessary shipping expenses.

Roll on Roll off (Roro) shipping is fast and affordable, but container shipping offers more protection, Tell AFL what type of car you’re shipping to Costa Rica, and we’ll tell you what option to use.

Before exporting new or used cars to Costa Rica

Before your car crosses the United States border, make sure it meets expected standards and you learn about import requirements in Costa Rica.

Vehicles imported into Costa Rica from other countries, including the US, must meet acceptable emission standards. Be sure your car is a good match when preparing your cargo shipping to Costa Rica.

Your car should be in good shape before exporting it from the US. Upon arrival in Costa Rica, the appointed authority will inspect the vehicle’s brakes, windshield wipers, safety features, lights and make other necessary inspections.

The type of vehicle you are shipping to Costa Rica determines what your final shipping price would be. The older the car, for example, the higher the Cost Rica vehicle import tax.

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Before you ship new or used cars to Costa Rica with AFL, here are answers to some possible questions you might have.
Shipping a vehicle to Costa Rica takes two weeks on average. However, this shipping time can be prolonged due to factors such as weather, type and size of the vehicle, overland transport to the port, international shipping option used, and time of the year. When preparing your cargo shipping to Costa Rica, please contact AFL to know when and how to ship.
The cost of shipping to Costa Rica from the United States generally starts at $1000 but can cost more depending on the international shipping method used as well as the cost of overland transport. You may spend more on a shipment if you’re shipping in a container to Costa Rica than when you use Roro for your cargo shipment. Further, the container or vehicle size, time of the year, and weather conditions can influence what your final costs would be. To reduce your shipping costs, let AFL help you determine a cost-effective shipping solution. Contact us when preparing your cargo shipping to Costa Rica for professional assistance.
Yes, we ship to Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries. Please contact AFL or go to this page for more information about AFL’s car shipping solutions to countries in Latin and South America.
AFL ships to major and many other seaports of Puerto Rico. We ship to Port of Tallaboa, Port of Yabucoa, Punta Guayanes, Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Maunabo, Port of Ponce, Puerto de Naguabo, Playa de Humacao, Port of Mayaguez, Jobos Bay, and more. Before you start preparing your cargo shipping to Costa Rica, contact AFL for confirmation if your port of destination is not on this list.
Yes, we help with United States custom clearance. Once your cargo has left the US border point, we have no control over the import requirements or vehicle import tax required for imported vehicles in Puerto Rico. To avoid needless customs delays in Puerto Rico, we recommend you to check the car import regulation of the country on this page. Or you can simply contact us at AFL for further guidance.
Your needs and personal preferences will determine whether Roro or container shipping is right for you. If you want to ship exotic cars, using container shipping to Costa Rica is more advisable to protect your investment from the elements and other external factors. When shipping used cars to Costa Rica, you may use Roro shipping for cost savings and faster shipment times. But you don't have to worry about details like this. AFL can help you choose a suitable and affordable international shipping option for your needs. Contact us today for professional help.