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If you need to transport your vehicle internationally, a popular option is the RoRo shipping method. This is a more affordable and simpler option for transport.

About RoRo Shipping

RoRo shipping is an affordable and common way to ship vehicles, breakbulk products, mining, construction, and agricultural machinery. The cargo is loaded onto the vessel either by driving it up a stern ramp. The cargo is then stowed on the vessel’s decks according to its weight and size. Each piece of cargo gets secured to the deck to prevent shifting during transit. Upon arrival at the destination port, the cargo gets unloaded. Any required customs and inspection procedures are performed. You can then arrange for the collection of your vehicle or other cargo.

What we ship by RoRo?



Heavy Equipment

Semi-Trailer Trucks




We are here to make it easier for you

Our goal is to make the international vehicle shipping process an easier one for everyone. You’ll appreciate the personalized assistance that your dedicated will provide as they walk you through the process of requesting a quote, booking your shipment, providing appropriate documentation, making payment, and then picking up your vehicle upon delivery.


The first step in arranging your RoRo shipping is to request a quote. Our knowledgeable agents strive to deliver a personalized quote that directly addresses your needs. The RoRo shipping method is ideal for those on a budget and looking for the most affordable method for shipping their vehicle to Latin America, West Africa, and South Africa.


Rest easy as we take care of the documentation and necessary paperwork. We check and re-check your booking documents to ensure everything is in order. This reduces the risk of customs rejection or shipping delays. Should there be an issue with your shipment, we will work quickly to resolve it and maintain your shipping timeline.


Getting your vehicle safely to its destination is our priority. We only work with reputable international carriers with a strong history of safe operation. When it’s time to ship your vehicle, we can arrange domestic transport to the origin port at a competitive price. We’ll then work with the carrier to have your vehicle safely loaded onto the vessel.


You’ll know where your vehicle is and when it’s scheduled to arrive. Upon arrival, we work to have your vehicle safely unloaded. Then it will go through the required customs and inspection procedures. Our simple payment process streamlines the final details so that you can quickly accept the delivery of your vehicle.

What our customers say about us

Fast, efficient service. Jeff and his Team of HUMAN ANGELS went the extra mile to assist with Truckers when faced with glaring difficulties. They took it in their stride. Great work. I will definitely use their services again for my shipment already booked for the next available Vessel.
I have been using AFL for all my RoRo shipments to West Africa for more than 6 years, they are very meticulous and professional. Give them a call today.
I want to recommend AFL for their wonderful job in processing both booking and shipment of my cars in a timely manner, I have never experienced any issue with the company. Keep it up!

What factors affect the rate?

The larger and heavier your vehicle is, the more expensive it will be to ship. Larger vehicles take up more room on the vessel when RoRo shipping, reducing the number of vehicles the carrier can fit.

The shipping method you choose will directly affect the cost of the transport. The most affordable method is RoRo shipping. The most expensive option is to use air freight. Another option is a shipping container, which you could book privately or reserve a shared container space.

Urban port locations that are busy tend to have lower RoRo shipping rates. There are more vessels visiting these busy ports and make for more competition among the carriers. Remote ports and those in rural locations are more expensive to ship to.

Shipping demand rises and falls with the seasons. There are certain times of the year when international shipping demand is high, which increases the cost of your shipment. Other times of the year, demand is low, which can result in rates dropping. If you need to ship during the busy season, RoRo shipping is a great option that’ll help you save money.

The further you need to ship your vehicle, the more expensive the total shipping cost will be. The longer the transport is, the more resources the carrier uses, and these costs get transferred to the shipments on the vessel.

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Ship your vehicle internationally on a RoRo shipping vessel. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents will guide you through the process. Get a quote today and start your shipment.
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AFL wants you to feel confident about your shipment. Our agents are here to answer your questions.
RORO stands for Roll-on Roll-off. This is a description of how the vehicles get loaded on and off of the transport vessel. With this method, the car gets driven directly onto the vessel and then strapped into place. This eliminates the need for a shipping container or crane.
The bigger the transport vessel, the more cars it can carry. The smaller the vehicles, the more of them you can fit onto the vessel. Modern RORO vessels can carry as many as 6,000 vehicles in a single sailing. Ships can have as many as nine decks that measure up to 860 feet in length.
There’s a greater risk when using RoRo shipping. This is because there’s no protective barrier around the vehicle. Without the container’s protection, there’s a risk of damage. The biggest risk is during the loading and unloading stage, when accidents can happen. Your vehicle is also exposed to the elements, which can add wear and tear. That is why we advise getting insurance that can be purchased through us.
Breakbulk goods are cargo that’s too big to fit in a shipping container. RoRo shipping isn’t the same because the vehicles aren’t too big to fit in a container. The oversized cargo must get lifted by a crane and then placed on the transport vessel. Vehicles get driven on and off.
Several carriers throughout the world offer RoRo shipping services. The carrier you work with needs to offer the transport service you want and have shipping lanes to the port you want to send your vehicle to. Your AFL agent can help you find the best carrier for your shipment as well as any domestic partners for your shipping needs. Ocean carriers - K-line, NYK, MSC, MOL, Grimaldi, Sallaum and many more. Purchasing of mat trucks - Shane’s trucking, AJ trucking. Domestic partnerships - SAKAEM Logistics.


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