Heavy Equipment Shipping

AFL assists in the international shipping of heavy equipment from the USA to other countries. We help transport various shipments through several renowned shipping companies like Grimaldi, NYK, and Sallum. We provide information like Grimaldi RORO tracking, Sallum schedules, and other information on one platform.

What do we offer?

AFL makes it easy for you to export heavy machinery by partnering with the finest and the most respected RORO shipping firms in the United States. Collaborating with them, we help our clients secure RORO shipping services for heavy machinery such as cars and agricultural equipment. We specialize in various overseas heavy machinery transport.

Agricultural equipment
Over dimensional boats
Constructional equipment

What type of service do we offer?

We help with US customs clearance for shipping the machinery and do everything for our customers. This includes the papers and also the clearance for international shipping for heavy equipment. We ensure that your equipment reaches its destination safely.

If your equipment requires a storage facility, we can also help with that. AFL provides a warehouse storage facility for heavy equipment where you can keep the equipment until shipment.

We provide inland transportation services throughout the United States and help with quick delivery if the order is urgent.

What factors influence the RORO shipping cost for heavy equipment?

One of the most significant factors in deciding the cost is distance of international shipping for heavy equipment. Transporting by RORO incurs the same expenditures as other modes of transportation. The prices consist primarily of fuel and labor costs.

The dimensions of the equipment determine the cost of international shipping for heavy equipment. If the equipment is huge and requires too much space, the international shipping cost may go up.

Is the equipment motorized? The cost may also differ based on whether the equipment is fully functional or not as a non-running vehicle would require additional drayage services.

If your equipment needs a storage facility, there will be additional charges for warehouse storage.

Depending on trade laws and federal standards, you might be subject to an import tax equal to the value of your vehicle! Imported vehicle taxes can be exorbitant in certain countries. Hence, the cost may vary for international shipping for heavy equipment.


Some questions customers frequently ask us
No problem. If the equipment you want to ship is not listed on our website, you can always ask for a quote by describing the equipment by calling us or emailing at info@aflship.com for more details. We can check if the equipment is liable for shipping and let you know the details.
Yes, we can transport your shipment from Canada to the US without a hassle and prepare all the necessary documents to ship it out using the Grimaldi line. Once you book your service, we can take care of all the necessary details and get your shipment delivered to the location.
Yes, we can accommodate various shipping carriers of your choice. However, please note that some definitions may differ between the two lines. For example, non-running vehicles are defined differently for Sallum and Grimaldi. Hence, be sure to ask our agent which line would best suit your heavy equipment vehicle.
Your vehicle is always secure during transit. However, accidents do happen, and we advise customers to get marine insurance which amounts to 0.9% of the value of the cargo or 1.5% if inland transportation is included.
To keep an eye on the schedules, you will need to sign up for our schedule update. This will ensure that you remain updated on all the ongoing activities and upcoming schedules of all our collaborative RORO shipping firms. This way, you can choose a suitable service for your equipment.


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