Track your shipment!

Now you can check the shipment status of any booking made with AFL 24/7, without needing to send an email or call. Simply enter your AFL# (this number is on the top right section of your dock receipt) for your shipment.


Where can I find my AFL transaction number?

Your AFL reference number is a unique identifier number associated with your shipment. It is located on the top right-hand section of your dock receipt in section “5a. B/L Number”.

How do I get help with my shipment?

For any shipments that you are looking for further information, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Why can't I see my tracking results?
Please note that a window will pop up to display your transaction tracking information. If nothing appears, please check to see if you have popup windows blocked or disabled.
If popups are enabled and you still cannot see anything, please check the below:

If nothing continues to populate when you hit search, please send an email to with your AFL reference number so we can look into the issue for you. 

Another reason why your shipment might not pop up is because it is currently being transported to the US Port by our trusted partner SAKAEM Logistics. Please give it 48 hours before your cargo arrives to the port.


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