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International car shipping doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. Working with AFL creates a pleasant shipping experience that simplifies the process with transparent pricing, open communication, and personalized shipping solutions.

We are more than a shipping company

When working with AFL, you’ll have the advantage of working with an experienced team of agents. This ensures your shipment goes smoothly and your vehicle gets delivered in a timely manner.

When you book your international auto shipment through AFL, you’ll appreciate that your quote is fair and competitive. There are no upfront booking costs, and you’ll pay for your shipment when your vehicle gets delivered.

You will work with one AFL agent throughout the course of your international car shipment. This simplifies communication and allows you to develop a relationship with your agent for better service.

The international car shipping process can be a complicated one. AFL strives to bring transparency to the process by explaining your quote and the necessary steps in the process.

Each car shipment is different, and that means it requires a personalized quote. The agents at AFL listen to your shipping needs and then use this information to craft the best shipping solution.

Having insurance for your automobile shipping is a must. This coverage protects your investment in the vehicle while it’s in transit. Your AFL agent can provide you a quote with the recommended level of insurance coverage for your vehicle.


Your dedicated agent will walk you through the quoting process. Your quote from AFL will be personalized to your specific international car shipping needs.


To book your international car shipment, you’ll provide all of the necessary paperwork and prepare your vehicle. Your AFL agent will help you deliver your vehicle to the origin port.


The final step is to remit payment for your international car shipment. Once paid for, you can arrange for the pickup of your delivered vehicle.

What we ship



Heavy Equipment


Mining Equipment

Our personalized Shipping Methods

Each shipment and vehicle is different. Our personalized approach ensures you book the best international car shipping solution for your vehicle, timeline, and budget.

Ship your vehicle with the Roll On Roll Off (RORO) method. This method is the most commonly chosen for its efficiency and affordability.

For more protection, choose to ship your vehicle in a container. This method may cost a bit more, but it’s well worth the extra protection.

We do the hard work for you

International car shipping doesn’t have to be confusing or intimidating. When you have the experienced team at AFL by your side, your shipment documentation is handled.

Our Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier services include loading your vehicle in a container, transport to the origin port, and booking on a vessel for transport.

Several documents are required for international car shipping. Our experienced agents will help you gather and submit all required documentation for a smooth shipping experience.

Before you ship your vehicle internationally, you have to get it to the port. Our agents can arrange for your vehicle to be shipped to the port for you.

Where we ship

We specialize in international car shipping and heavy equipment transport originating in the United States with detestation in Latin America, West, and South Africa.

Our agents can assist you with international car shipping to destination ports throughout Latin America. Ship to the ports of Cartagena, Guayaquil, Lima Callao, Valparaiso, Santos, and many more.

Shipping Cars to West Africa requires an understanding and proficiency of the region. We can assist with shipping to all ports throughout West Africa.

We can assist you with shipping to South Africa country. Book international car shipping to ports in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, or Elizabeth.

Our Trusted Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact a carrier and arrange for shipment on your own. However, you’ll need to handle all of the documentation, inspections, and customs on your own. A simpler solution is to work with international shipping companiesthat have experience with international car shipping. They handle the details and walk you through the process to ensure you have a smooth overseas shipping experience.
Some leasing providers allow vehicle shipping overseas; others do not. Check your lease paperwork to determine whether or not the lender allows international car shipping. The majority of leaseholders don’t allow overseas vehicle shipping because they need security that the car will come back at the end of the lease.
The first step in international car shipping is to find a reputable carrier or freight forwarder to work with. Request quotes from several services and choose the company that can provide automobile shipping that’s affordable and reliable. Submit the required documentation and prepare your car for shipment. Deliver your car to the origin port and wait for it to get delivered to the destination. The final step is to remit payment and pick your vehicle up.
International automobile shipping costs vary greatly. Overseas vehicle shipping can cost as little as $700 to $1,000. It can also cost as much as $5,000 to $7,000. Air transport is more expensive than overseas shipping, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $40,000.
International freight shipping is at the mercy of several factors that can affect shipping times. These are only estimates of average times. Air automobile shipping is the fastest method. Overseas shipping takes longer. The further away the destination is, the longer the process takes. Shipments can take asfew as ten days and as long as 90 days. International shipping companies have experience with specific routes and can give you a more accurate timeline.
It depends. You need to provide proof of ownership for international car shipping. A financed car has a lender that can claim an ownership right to thevehicle, so you’ll need to get the lender’s approval before shipping. Not all lenders will permit you to ship a financed vehicle overseas. If your lender doesn’t permit overseas vehicle shipping, you can look into refinancing the vehicle first.
There are several stages to the freight forwarding process. The process begins with the goods being transported to designated warehouses for itemizing and shipment preparation. The forwarder will then arrange the appropriate paperwork for your international freight shipping.
A freight forwarder is a middleman between the company producing the goods and the final destination for the goods. The forwarder is not the actual company moving the goods; these are the freight carriers. The forwarder develops relationships with multiple carriers across air, road, rail, and overseas shipping services.
Freight forwarding services are a person or business that organizes freight shipments for a business or individual. These services streamline and optimize the supply chain system to create a faster and more affordable shipping solution. Freight forwarders can make automobile shipping easier by utilizing carrier relationships to find the international car shipping solution for each client’s need.
Let one of our agents assist you with your international car shipping. Request a quotetoday.

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