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For fast, professional, and affordable cargo shipping Dominican Republic from New York or any other part of the US, AFL is the company to work with.

Evolving market demands

The Dominican Republic is one of the countries known for outdoor adventures and wildlife tourism. The automobile market also is known to be changing with different auto companies adapting to market changes to sustain revenue and maintain relevance. If you’re looking to export cars or auto supplies to the Dominican Republic, the country is full of opportunities, and AFL can assist you with the shipping process.

AFL’s Dominican Republic cargo solution

Planning cargo shipping to Dominican Republic? Right from customs documentation to getting your cargo shipped to the receiving port in the Dominican Republic, learn how AFL can help when you're shipping a car to Dominican Republic.

When shipping a car to Dominican Republic from the US, getting US customs approval shouldn't be problematic. For fast customs clearance, AFL will assist you in preparing and filing accurate vehicle paperwork.

Ask AFL to pick up your vehicle or car at your residence or elsewhere in the US and drop it off at the port of departure, and we'll honor your request.

AFL offers both Roll on Roll off (RORO) and container shipping methods to the Dominican Republic. Just choose which option suits your needs or ask for assistance.

Before sending a car to the Dominican Republic...

Here are some car importation regulations in the Dominican Republic to keep in mind so that your car gets customs approval at the receiving port.

The Dominican Republic's legislation prohibits the importation of vehicles older than five years. Make sure the vehicle you’re sending to the Dominican Republic is less than 5 years of manufacture.

Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, you have to submit documents like the vehicle's bill of lading to customs officials. For help with preparing and completing accurate paperwork, contact AFL.

To confirm that every imported car meets acceptable emission standards, Dominican REpublic authorities require that shippers present a CO2 manufacturer certification or an equivalent document.

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Get answers to some frequently asked questions about AFL’s vehicle cargo shipping to Dominican Republic.
It takes 3 weeks on average to ship your cargo to the receiving port in the Dominican Republic. However, shipping times can be longer depending on factors such as size and the type of the vehicle, inland transport distance covered, type of international shipment used, and time of the year. For faster shipment time, contact AFL to know when best to ship and which shipping method to use.
The cost of shipping a car to Dominican Republic from the US greatly varies, but it usually starts at $1000. Shipping costs are influenced by factors such as container size, domestic and international shipping options used, and demand for international shipments. Get an instant quote online from AFL or contact us directly via email or phone.
Before preparing automobile cargo shipping to Dominican Republic, make sure you have all necessary documentation for the car and then contact a shipping company. A shipping company would usually help you with completing necessary paperwork and getting approval from the United States customs & border protection. After that, you can either transport the car to the port of departure yourself or ask the shipping provider to do it for you. From customs documentation to getting your car across the US border point, you can rely on AFL. To begin your shipping process, get an instant quote online or contact us.
Yes, organizations can use our Roro or container shipping option to export cars from the United States to the Dominican Republic. If you own or operate a trucking company and want to move your fleet from the United States to the Dominican Republic, AFL will assist you. Contact us to learn how our corporate shipping solutions from the United States to the Dominican Republic can help suit your organization's needs.
AFL ships to major ports in Dominican Republic, including the Port of Santo Domingo, Port of Barahona, Port of Haina, Port of Caucedo, Port of Puerto Plata, Port of Manzanillo, Port of Samana, Port of Viejo de Azua, Port of Palenque, and Port of San Pedro de Masan. If your preferred Dominican Republic port isn't on the list, get in touch with AFL to see if we ship there.
In addition to the Dominican Republic, we ship to other countries in Latin America, such as Haiti, Bolivia, and Peru. AFL also ships to many other regions in the world, including West Africa and South America. Regardless of where you want to ship a car to, contact us at AFL to see how we can assist you.