Shipping Car Overseas

The term “Roll-on, Roll-off” (RORO) refers to how goods are filled and discharged from a vessel. AFL assists in RORO shipping by offering schedules, tracking, and other shipping-related information from top RORO shipping companies like NYK, Grimaldi, and Sallum. We also collaborate with these companies to offer the best RORO shipping services to our clients.

What do we offer?

AFL makes it easier for you to ship heavy equipment through the best RORO shipping companies in America. We are experts in international car shipping. We work with the most reputable companies in the country and help our clients secure RORO shipping services for heavy equipment and cars.

Luxury cars
Antique cars
Running/non-running cars

Benefits of transporting cars by RORO shipping

The typical benefit of RORO shipping is that it is less expensive per unit than containerized shipping since a single ferry can comfortably handle high-volume consignments.

RORO vessels' massive stowage bays are ideal for handling mixed consignments of various vehicle sizes. You can transport many vehicles at the same time, which makes RORO perfect for international car shipping.

The shipper saves a lot of time because cars and trucks will drive straight within a few minutes of the ship boarding, drive into the ship at one side, and then drive off at the other port.

What type of services do we offer?

We assist with the US custom clearance for your vehicle along with international car shipping for our clients. From the paperwork to getting the approval for transporting the vehicle, we take care of everything for our clients.

AFL also assists the clients with warehouse storage of vehicles for transportation. You can check the RORO schedules and track for various companies and after booking, let us take care of the rest.

We offer inland transportation services within the USA. You can book your service with AFL to transport your vehicle through trucks and inland vehicles within the USA.

What are the factors influencing RORO shipping cost?

The box should be large enough to hold your goods, but small enough to limit measurements to a minimum in order to prevent inflating the shipping costs.

The weight of your vehicle will also affect the shipping cost. If you are transporting a heavy vehicle, the cost will naturally go up.

One of the primary factors in RORO shipping is whether a functional vehicle is being transported. If you are transporting a non-functional vehicle, the cost of shipping will go up due to additional charges needed to lift the vehicle from one place to another.

Does your vehicle need a forklift? If forklifts are involved in maneuvering your vehicle from one place to another, you will need to pay extra charges for it.

Many international regions have strict tax regulations which raise the shipping charges for vehicles in these countries. When the import tax is higher, for example, in countries like India, Singapore, and the Maldives, the international car shipping cost also goes up.


Some questions customers frequently ask us.
You can get a quote for the type of vehicle you want to ship out of the country. You can get an expected range for your car and the type of service you choose.
Yes, we offer that as an additional service, and our agent can guide you through the process. You can constantly stay in touch with us and get the vehicle moving from the origin to its destination even when you are not in the country.
It takes roughly three weeks to ship a car to Africa, depending on fleet availability, type of service, and customs clearance. There may be other factors responsible for unexpected delays in the shipment.
You need to provide a detailed description of your vehicle. If there is anything broken or damaged in your car, you need to report that too. For example, if there is a damaged windshield, bumper, dents, etc., you have to account for it. In case these damages are not reported, the port may charge extra fees for your shipment.
We assist with the US customs, marine insurance (1% value of the car if only ocean shipment and 1.5% of value for inland and ocean shipment). We offer inland services within the US only. Besides, we also offer forklift service, warehouse storage, and drayage services.


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