Shipping a Car from USA to Ghana

When shipping a car from USA to Ghana, work with a reliable and experienced shipping company like AFL to get your car or auto cargo cleared with the US customs and delivered to Ghana at an affordable rate.

Emerging African market

Ghana is known to be one of the fastest-growing industrial productions in West Africa and the world. Several American automakers have a presence in the region. With support from the local government and more passenger vehicles on the road, there is a huge demand for cars and auto parts in Ghana, making the region a strong emerging market to invest in.

AFL Cargo Shipping to Ghana Solutions

If you plan on shipping a car from USA to Ghana, turn to AFL for comprehensive international shipping services. From US customs clearance to cargo shipping to Ghana, AFL is ready to assist

With an extensive knowledge of the 15 CFR Part 30 and a robust network of partners, AFL will help you address all customs requirements for shipping a car to Ghana from the United States.

AFL can literally pick up your vehicle at your door or your chosen location and deliver it to the port of departure in the US.

To cater to the needs of different shippers, AFL provides both roll-on roll-off (Roro) and container shipping options when it comes to shipping a car from USA to Ghana.

Ghana car import regulations

Before shipping a car to Ghana, AFL will help you understand all shipping requirements and help you comply with those requirements.

Keep in mind that the importation of cars older than 10 years is not allowed in Ghana. This over-age car legislation was made to strengthen local car manufacturing.

More recent car import legislation in Ghana bans the importation of cars that have been involved in accidents.

The car you plan on shipping must have a clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title. In some cases, both the buyer and seller also have to sign the back of the Title.

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Get answers to some questions you may have about our process of shipping a car from USA to Ghana.
Ghana is one of the countries in the West Africa continent. So, shipping to Ghana means shipping to a West Africa region. Keep in mind, however, that every country in the western region of Africa, including Ghana, has its own car import regulations and customs requirements. Contact AFL for further clarifications about shipping cars to Ghana.
The size and weight of your vehicle, domestic customs fees, the distance the cargo traveled in the US, insurance coverage (if applicable), the international shipment option chosen, and the distance from the US border point to the destination port in Ghana are some factors that influence the final price of shipping a car from USA to Ghana.
Most factors that apply to car exportation to Ghana from the United States, such as the weight of the vehicle and shipping method, also apply to car shipping to Ghana from Canada. For more details, including the cost of shipping a car from Canada to Ghana, contact AFL.
AFL can help you ship to any receiving port in Ghana, as long as the port receives automobile shipping. But keep in mind that your choice of port sometimes determines your final shipping costs. For instance, smaller receiving ports in Ghana may be more expensive for delivery. Contact us at AFL to discuss your needs and find out which receiving port would best meet your needs.
This is dependent on the types of cargo that a receiving port in Ghana accepts. You’ll be able to forward auto shipments to a receiving port in Ghana if the port accepts both cars and auto equipment cargo. For more detail, please contact AFL.
Before shipping a car from USA to Ghana, you'll need to submit the Title of Sale and/or BOS for the car to a shipping company for booking and to get a Dock receipt. The next item on the checklist is to transport the vehicle to the port of loading and pay for the domestic shipping. Then you have to process CTN for import clearance. Afterward, you may be asked to make changes to the paperwork you submitted for US customs approval. With all paperwork verified and payment made, you’ll get documents such as telex release for customs clearance in Ghana
You don’t necessarily have to insulate your car when shipping a car from USA to Ghana using the container shipment option as shipping containers come with insulation. If you are exporting your car using RORO shipping from USA to Ghana, however, you may consider using separate insulation to protect your investment from the salt air.