Shipping Cars to Nigeria

Shipping cars from USA to Nigeria - AFL can seamlessly help you move your automotive equipment and car cargo from the United States to Nigeria at competitive rates.

A look into the Nigerian market

Nigeria is often revered as the giant of Africa. It is home to more than 200 million individuals. The Nigerian automobile industry is booming, with both the youths and the working class wanting to own a car for personal transportation. There is a greater demand for passenger cars, commercial transportation vehicles, and automotive spare parts, all of which make shipping cars from USA to Nigeria worthwhile.

AFL seamlessly handles car exports to Nigeria

When shipping cars from USA to Nigeria, you’ll need an expert like AFL on your side to avoid customs issues, needless domestic transportation delays, and to ensure your vehicle cargo is delivered to Nigeria.

To successfully ship your car to Nigeria on time, AFL’s documentation support services will assist you in getting all documents needed to get export clearance with US customs.

To avoid hassles associated with finding a reliable transportation company, AFL can help literally get your car from your doorstep, garage, or your US location to the port of loading.

Whether you opt for AFL‘s RORO shipping from USA to Nigeria or container shipping, rest assured that your car cargo will arrive safely at your receiving port in Nigeria.

Regulations for imported cars in Nigeria

Here's a brief overview of the import regulations you should know when exporting high-end or standard cars to Nigeria. Please contact AFL if you need any additional information.

Age-old restriction on used cars is 15 years. Cars older than 15 years old are not allowed into the country.

Vehicles imported into Nigeria, especially used cars, should be left-hand drive. Shipping a right-hand drive vehicle might mean double tax to you.

A clear Title of Ownership, Marine insurance policy, bill of lading, and evidence of payment of VAT are all required to claim your car at a Nigeria port. Without correct and proper documentation, you may have to pay double tax.

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Here's a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about shipping cars from USA to Nigeria. Please contact AFL if you need any additional details or clarifications.
When shipping a car from Honolulu to Nigeria, or from any other United States region, shipping methods such as container and RORO shipping from USA to Nigeria take an average of three weeks. However, external factors such as weather, vehicle size and type, and port of origin all influence shipping times. Keep in mind, however, that working with a professional shipping company like AFL will assist you in completing your paperwork on time to prevent customs clearance delays, which may further extend the time it takes for your car cargo shipment.
The cost of shipping a car to Nigeria from USA generally starts at $1000, but it varies greatly depending on the vehicle size and type, shipping option, time of the year, and even domestic clearance fees in the United States. As compared to shipping a car in a container, the RORO shipping cost to Nigeria is comparatively low. To get an estimated cost of shipping a 40-foot container from USA to Nigeria, contact AFL today.
Shipping a car from the United States to Nigeria, particularly when you work with an experienced shipping company, isn’t as difficult as many make it out to be. What’s more important is having accurate documentation, which confirms your rightful ownership of the vehicle, so you can get quick clearance with the United States customs. After that, a professional shipping service provider should be able to do the legwork for you. Contact AFL today to find out how we can assist you with shipping cars from USA to Nigeria.
To ship a car to Nigeria, you first have to send a clear Title of Sale or BOS for the vehicle to a freight company for booking and Dock Receipt. The next step is to get the car to the port of loading. After that, you will be asked to make corrections to documents submitted (if needed) for US customs approval. With all these requirements handled, you’ll be able to obtain documents such as Seaway Bill or Telex Release, which you'll need to clear your cargo with Nigerian customs.
Lagos is one of the 36 states in Nigeria just as Alabama is one of the 50 U.S. states. Apapa port, which is in the Lagos city of Apapa is Nigeria's largest and busiest port complex. In Nigeria, there are other ports, such as the Port of Port Harcourt. But since Lagos is the most heavily used port, shipping a car to Lagos can also mean shipping to Nigeria. Please contact AFL today to find out which receiving ports in Nigeria we deliver to.
Beyond Nigeria, AFL can help you ship cars to other West African countries such as Ghana and Senegal. We also handle international car shipments from the United States to South Africa. AFL will be glad to answer any of your questions and provide assistance.