Shipping Cars to West Africa

Shipping cars to West Africa? AFL can seamlessly move your vehicular cargo from the US to Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and many other countries in West Africa at competitive rates.

Leverage on the fast growing automotive market in West Africa

West Africa is known as the hub for vehicles and auto equipment exports from many parts of the world, including the US. With the increasing development of road infrastructures in West African regions like Ghana and Nigeria, and the desires of consumers to have their own vehicles, Africa has seen a massive increase in the import of both new and used cars. Boost in car sales also mean increased demand for fully built and auto supplies imports. Contact AFL for professional help if you plan on shipping cars to Africa.

Where we ship in West Africa

Our partners’ shipping lines cover all major shipping ports in the West Africa regions. AFL can help move your auto cargo to Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries in the region.

To avoid Ghana custom seizures due to improper documentation, AFL diligently takes care of all documents and custom requirements before your cargo leaves the United States.

When shipping vehicular investments or auto supplies from the United States to Nigeria, let AFL handle the paperwork and logistics required in the US.

Beyond Nigeria and Ghana, AFL can also handle international car shipping from the USA to Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, and Togo without hassles. Discover other West African regions we ship to.

Our Personalized Shipping Methods

We can help you prepare paperwork, get clearances, and ship your vehicular cargo to West Africa regions using RORO (roll on, roll off) or the Container shipping method.

When shipping cars to West Africa regions, use AFL’s RORO shipping solutions for a more reliable departure and arrival timeframe as well as for cost savings.

If you’re shipping exotic vehicles like Ferraris to Africa, choose AFL’s Exclusive Container Shipping for more protection. Or you can go for the Shared Container option if you’re buying vehicles that do not work.

What our customers say about us

One thing I love about AFL is timing. They are very much available to answer your questions or needs as regards to dock receipts and other necessary documentation you need to get your shipment done. They are the best amongst all i have worked with.
American Forwarding & Logistics are very reliable and trustworthy shipping company They have been rendering services for me for the past 8 years their prices are moderate to compare with the quality of their services, they don’t disappoint …More
Well they are reliable, I would have given them 5stars but sometimes there could be delays with response to their emails, but that'where the General manager comes in, Tricia is actually,honestly amazing , she's always ready to help
I use AFL for all my shipping to Africa (Lagos, Nigeria to be precise). They are very responsive and very responsible. Their services is A1 especially a staff called Monica - she is always helpful and always willing to help.
I have been Using AFL shipment for sometime now, and apart from the professional relationship they offer, they also seem interested in the welfare of your ware with them and they give suitable advise that ll help you reduce cost while getting optimal service delivery.
I have been using AFL for over a year now and I can attest they are reliable and trustworthy.I highly recommend them and Jeff does a nice job with the inland transport section.
I have been using AFL for all my roro shipment to West Africa for more than 6 years, they are very meticulous and professional. Give them a call today.
I am Ikechukwu Maximus, want to commend AFL for their wonderful job in processing both booking and shipment of my cars in a timely manner, I have never experienced any issue with the company. Keep it up
Great customer relation, prompt respond to email and phone calls. Ready to help and find solution for customer.
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Shipping Costs to West Africa

Vehicle size and weight, shipping method, destination, custom clearance fees, and shipment time all affect how much it costs to ship a car to Africa.

Dimension and weight pricing structure is one of the shipping industry’s standards used as a cost determining factor.

The costs of sending cars or auto supplies to West Africa also depend on whether you choose the RORO or Container shipping option. However, RORO shipping from the USA to Nigeria, Ghana, or other West African regions is less expensive than Container shipping.

The shipping costs will include the price for the miles that the cargo will travel from the United States to the final port of destination in the West Africa country of your choice.

Each West Africa region has its custom clearing fees and requirements for auto imports. The condition of your car (new or used), for example, may influence the total shipping costs due to higher taxes.

Increased demand for international shipping during the peak moving seasons of the year often means higher costs of shipping a car to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West Africa regions.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you need more information or your questions aren’t on the list, don’t hesitate to contact AFL’s support team.
You can ship cars to regions in West Africa in two ways. First, arrange for shipment on your own. With this option, you’ll be responsible for all the paperwork, including shipping order, title copy, bill of sale, and power of attorney as well as everything that happens until the car gets to your West African destination. Or you can consult with a cargo shipper like AFL. From the export haulage stage to the point of receiving your vehicle, AFL will handle all the documentation, inspections, and US customs clearance for you. With our partnerships with key logistics providers, our shipping services guarantee you a smooth West Africa shipping experience. Contact AFL today to learn how our agents can help you with sending cars to Africa.
Yes, you can ship cars, vehicles, and trucks if you’re not residing or living in the US. To move your auto shipment overseas to any West Africa region, you first need to find an experienced and reputable shipping provider to discuss your needs. A shipping company offering comprehensive logistic solutions will help you with choosing the right shipment method, submitting all required documentation to US export authorities, and preparing your car for shipment. AFL can help handle your automotive cargo from the United States to Nigeria, Ghana, and more West Africa destinations.
International car shipping from the US to West Africa timelines depend on factors such as route distance, shipping type, and the time of the year. Cargo shipments take significantly longer if many miles need to be traveled to reach the destination port. The average transit time, however, is roughly 30 days but can vary greatly depending on external factors. Waiting for your cargo to be consolidated with other containerized shipments could cause delays and increase shipping time. Further, shipping cars to Africa during peak moving seasons might cause shipment delays. To discover how to fast-track your car and auto supplies forwarding from the US to any West Africa region, contact AFL today.
The distance between the pickup and drop off locations of your cargo as well as international shipping costs determine how expensive your auto shipment would be. You may have to pay more, for instance, if you have us pick up the car from your designated location. Also, the size of the vehicular cargo can influence what you pay. You'll spend less on shipping a compact car than forwarding a large SUV to West Africa. Get an Instant Quote today based on your requirements.
To minimize the financial loss to you in the event of an accident or other mishaps while transporting your cargo over ocean freight, we recommend you get the optional marine insurance policy. AFL offers full-coverage marine and inland insurance for your vehicular investment against loss or damage from the point of pickup to when you receive your cargo at your destination. Contact us to find out what is covered by our insurance policy