International Ocean Freight Shipping

AFL assists in international ocean freight shipping using various dimensions of shipping containers. If you are looking for excellent international container shipping, we are here for you. We take care of all your container shipping requirements and ensure that your goods reach safely to their destination.

What do we offer?

AFL makes it simple to transport goods by collaborating with the best shipping companies in the United States. We work with the most reputable companies to assist our clients in obtaining shipping services for items such as surgical devices, products, clothing, and more. We specialize in international freight transport.

Medical equipment
Electronic equipment

What factors influence the cost of shipping goods?

Drayage companies transport containers into and out of warehouses, rail yards, ocean terminals, and harbors. Our services also include unloading large-good shipping containers loading them into road freight.

AFL also assists clients with US customs by preparing the paper works and getting approval for international container shipping. We assist in getting clearance from the US Customs department without a hassle.

We offer a warehouse storage facility for the clients if and when they need it for international container shipping. You can benefit from the service for storing products, electronic equipment, clothes, and other goods being shipped to other countries.

What factors influence the cost of shipping goods?

What Factors Influence the Cost of Shipping Goods?

The General Rate Increase, or GRI, is the modification of shipping lines' ocean freight rates. This is typically used to assist carriers in recovering from low-demand movements as part of the seasonal period.

The weight of the goods has a significant impact on the cost of international cost shipping. If the weight of the goods is higher, the cost of shipping is also higher.

When there is a trucking scarcity, ocean freight rates rise as a natural consumer response. To put it mildly, a trucker shortage is a standard logistics issue for shippers.

When there is a trucking scarcity, ocean freight rates rise as a natural consumer response. To put it mildly, a trucker shortage is a standard logistics issue for shippers.

There is no way to predict delayed expenses like demurrage, arrest, and fines from customs inspections. These payments are never included with your international container shipping prices, but they may have a significant impact on your total shipping costs.


It’s important to get your shipping container questions answered. That way, you understand the process and can feel confident with your shipment. To get started, these answers should help you get the most common questions addressed.
You can decide the size of your container based on the volume of your goods. A 20ft container may usually carry goods equal to the size of two cars or one SUV. A 40ft container can easily carry two to three mid-size cars in it. Hence, depending on the volume of your goods, you may decide the size of the container.
Yes, marine insurance covers everything that is being shipped. Whether it’s a vehicle, heavy equipment, or any goods, it covers it all. They determine the price of the insurance by the value of the goods you are shipping.
We usually do not offer these types of services. However, depending on the goods that you are shipping, we can offer these services. Depending on whether the goods are hazardous and how they are packed together, we can arrange this as an additional service for our clients.
No, we do not offer these services. However, we can put you in contact with the right people and give you the contact details of relevant goods and service providers to whom you can reach out and get the goods shipped to your location.
Batteries, aerosols, household cleaners and solvents, nail polish and nail polish remover, explosives, assorted additives, oils, fertilizers, and related products are all prohibited from being placed in a shipping container. If you are confused, please contact the agent. They can help you understand what you can and cannot put in the containers.


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