International Vehicle Shipping

AFL is a international vehicle shipping company offering car shipping containers to customers for transportation of their vehicles overseas. As an international container shipping company, we offer an internal size of 20ft, 40ft, & 45ft shipping container that can contain heavy vehicles easily.

What Do We Offer?

AFL makes shipping container vehicle easier. We work with the most esteemed freight companies in the USA to offer our customers the best car shipping container. Our company takes care of all your shipping requirements to make things comfortable for you. We are experts in providing excellent international car shipping services!

Convertible cars
Sports cars
Trucks and other automobiles

Benefits of shipping vehicles in containers

Containers are a very safe option for transporting any kind of vehicle. Only three people can access a container: the vendor, a customs official, and the consumer.

Another advantage of using containers to transport your cars is that there is less risk of harm. In terms of functional integrity, all car shipping containers shall conform to stringent safety legislation.

Vehicles can be safely loaded before being shipped and can be delivered on schedule to the customer. Furthermore, when containers of vehicles are packed, the cost of storing them is much cheaper than storing them in a building.

What type of service do we offer?

Containers are moved in and out of factories, train yards, ocean ports, and harbors by drayage firms. This also entails removing massive car shipping containers from rail cars and ship decks and loading them onto road freight

AFL also offers marine insurance services to clients. We ensure safe international freight container shipping, and that the insurance covers any damage during the shipping process.

We also offer inland container transportation within the US. If you want to ship your vehicle from any parts of the US, we are here to do it!

Factors that influence the shipping cost

Size matters when it comes to shipment. Transporting vehicles on bigger ships and using containers with bigger internal dimensions results in a rise in cost.

The heavier the vehicle, the higher is the cost. If you are using an internal size of 20ft shipping container to ship a truck, the cost will go up.

Exchange rates make these prices of shipping much more volatile for foreign shipping. Costs are affected by the shipment's origin and destination since port officials impose their fees.

Shipping insurance is another cost to consider. It assures consumers that their orders can arrive safely and securely for an additional fee.

Some regions of the world have strict tax regulations for car shipping containers. Some countries like Maldives, India, and Singapore tar double for luxury cars and generally have higher import duties. Hence, the shipping cost for these countries also goes up.


It’s important to get your shipping container questions answered. That way, you understand the process and can feel confident with your shipment. To get started, these answers should help you get the most common questions answered.
Greater Flexibility - When you use containers to carry your cars, you have more versatility in terms of shipping time and how much you load. ● Less damage - A shipping container will be airtight and watertight to protect the vehicles from elements such as rain, hail, dust, sun, and temperature extremes. ● Standard transportation product - Containers are less expensive and safer for your vehicles. They are also a common transport commodity that can be loaded, transported, and unloaded anywhere worldwide.
Anything that fits into a shipping container’s internal dimension can be shipped internationally. However, heavy equipment is not recommended for international shipping.
A standard 20-foot container can carry one or two cars or SUVs, while a 40-foot container can transport two to four mid-size vehicles. The more vehicles that can be put into an international shipping container, the lower the shipping cost.
RoRo is the quickest since the vehicles board the nearest available ferry. Individual containers are just as quick to load but must first be secured in a shipping container.
Open transport is the most cost-effective method of shipping a vehicle. An open carrier is often hundreds of dollars less expensive than a sealed carrier. To cut freight costs, you can even borrow a specific section of a car shipping container rather than the whole carrier.


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