Effortless Door to Domestic Port Service

Whatever you want to be shipped, we at AFL make it happen! We are an expert in US auto transport and provide shipping services to various ports nationally and internationally. We have a time-honored relationship with crucial operators at the ports who assist in facilitating US vehicle transport.

What is a door-to-port shipping service?

We are an auto shipper in the USA specializing in door-to-port shipping and port-to-port transport. Whether you want the auto transport service from the US or Canada or any other international shipping, we are happy to help! The door-to-port transportation service includes all transportation right from the door of a specified address in the US or Canada to the origin seaport. When the forwarder picks up the load it will be delivered to the port of origin and if necessary stored at a warehouse. All the custom clearance will be discussed prior to the pick up which will allow the car to continue its journey to its final destination where it can later be collected.

How does door-to-port shipping service work?

We value our customers, and therefore, we are always available for on-demand email and WhatsApp communication. Once you choose our service, we take care of all your logistics and shipping requirements. We offer customized packaging, insurance, and cross-sell AFL premier services to our customers. We also provide door to port shipping inland service with the help of our partner SAKAEM Logistics.


We are with you right from the initial stages of the shipping process. We assist in setting up everything that you need for smooth shipping. If it is door-to-port international shipping, we help in customized packaging services no matter how small or heavy the equipment is.


Apart from operational situations, we also help prepare and verify your shipment documentation. As a US auto transporter, we get the notarization of the documents, vehicle clearance, and prepare the shipment order. As a customer, you don’t have to burden yourself with figuring out the right paperwork or documentation. We will guide you!


Our shipping and transport services work internationally. We even assist in Canada to US and carry out door-to-port shipping for our customers. We ensure that your cargo reaches the destination safely without any damage. We are experts in auto transport; therefore, you know that your vehicle, no matter if it’s a trailer or a car, will reach the destination securely.


We offer customized shipping to our clients. If you have any special requirements for your shipment, we are here to take care of it. As a US auto transport service provider, we offer VIP add-on services and all-inclusive premier shipping to our customers. We ensure a cost-effective solution for the port of shipment.

Excited about shipping with us?

We are happy to help in any way we can! As a US international auto transport service provider, our goal is to collect and deliver our client’s shipment securely to its end destination. Our logistics coordinators on the inland and waterfront are available round the clock to help you with your shipment. We also offer port-to-port transport. You can contact us through WhatsApp and e-mail or visit our website to learn more.
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Let’s look at some of the popular queries that we have received over time. We have tried to address them and hope that it helps you gain transparency and understand more about our service.
We have been in this business for a long time and therefore we offer an affordable cost structure for our customers. For door-to-port international shipping cost, the money is distributed in percentage among dispatch & support, umbrella insurance, and admin and paperwork. We are a service-oriented business that shares its revenue among its partners and people who make it all happen!
The US to auto transport service offers door-to-door service only in the USA and Canada. Therefore, if you are in the USA or Canada, we can pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and deliver it to the port. Which means you don't have to take your vehicle anywhere. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that all auto carriers are heavy and large. Hence, if you are located on a narrow street or somewhere where large vehicles cannot move, we may have trouble approaching your location. In such situations, you may have to drive your vehicle to the nearest open space where we can collect it from you.
The time will depend on the arrangements that you make with us as well as the availability of the carriage vehicle. Usually, we give a pickup window so that you know when to expect us. The window is generally about an hour but we will let you know several days in advance so you can prepare the vehicle for pick up. If you want your vehicle to be shipped urgently, you can let us know, and we will work out a plan for you.
Yes, you can transport an inoperable vehicle. However, even if the vehicle is inoperable, it must still be in basic working condition so that it can be steered and rolled. It is necessary that you have a decent break in the car for safety purposes. If the vehicle is inoperable, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly before picking it up from you.
Although you can book anytime, we suggest that you do it at least a week before. This is so that we can better meet your pick-up and delivery requirements. We can also help you with expedite auto transport services.