Custom Clearance Services

AFL’s export consultants make it easy to gain customs clearance for exporting a car or container from the US. Get an Instant Quote today for your next international shipment.

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With a wide network of partners and a vast knowledge of the 15 CFR Part 30, AFL quickly addresses all customs clearance requirements to approve your cargo for export


Before exporting your cargo, your AFL export consultant will verify the documentation required to export your type of auto shipment. This greatly helps reduce and eliminate delays, hassles, and possible rejections at US border points.


To avoid additional fees and penalties, AFL agents will carefully review, and advise any corrections needed to complete your export paperwork. We help with this compliance requirement so your cargo can get approval for export.


AFL will make an on-time submission of your shipment documentation to the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The submission has to be done at least 72 hours before the date your shipment is scheduled to be loaded on a vessel.


Get answers below to some questions you might have about our export consultant and clearance services. If you need further clarifications, contact AFL without hesitation.
Custom clearance means the Government of the origin country or destination country approves for cargo to be shipped, or retrieved. Customs clearance requirements in each country are different. Making use of the expertise and industry knowledge of an import and export consultant can help avoid delays, fines, and rejections that might arise from improper export documentation. Fortunately, AFL provides unmatched export paperwork preparation, verification, and submissions to CBP. Contact us today for a consultation on clearance solutions if you wish to export cars overseas or need to move auto supplies or containers across the US border.
When exporting cargo from the United States, understand that some items require additional documentation, or have restrictions place on them from the destination country. Your export consultant should help you with what to include and what not to include. For instance, some items can only be shipped in a specified way, due to the cargo’s condition or contents. Items such as a “Bio-Hazard” pose too great a threat to be handled and will be rejected for shipment. Including these restricted items in a containerized cargo might lead to criminal or monetary penalties. United States law prohibits exportation to certain restricted or embargoed countries. Here at AFL, we are ready to assist you with the most up-to-date information about export limitations. Contact AFL for clarifications if you aren’t sure whether an item or equipment you intend to ship is allowed by the US Customs and Border Protection.
No, AFL only provides export consultant solutions for autos, containers, and equipment cargoes. To facilitate seamless customs approval, we’ll help you with shipping document creation, preparation, or retrieval, and even help rectify rejection with CBP.
Custom clearance assistance generally costs between $50 to $200 depending on the type of cargo But these prices are not fixed and can be influenced by additional services required for document clearance. Usually, an export consultant would charge you for an initial review of the documents and submission of the documentation. But you might be charged extra or double the fees should there be a customs rejection. AFL offers the service free with every booking and a small fee if rejection documentation needs to be shipped or retrieved. Also, the customs consulting firm you work with can determine what you pay. Rest assured that our customs clearing solution is budget friendly. Our pricing is competitive, and we can provide you with a custom quote according to your requirements.
When preparing your shipment for export clearance, you’ll need to provide certain documents to your AFL export consultant. Shipping order form, original BOS or Title, Lien release if applicable, POL and POD, information of the party that will receive the unit in the foreign country. Getting all these documents done can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for someone who does not live in the US. With our strong partnerships throughout the United States, we’ll effortlessly help you with these documentation procedures while ensuring regulatory compliance and swift vessel loading. Contact us today to find out how our export consultant can assist you with international shipping.