Car Shipping Container

Car shipping container gives you a safe and secure method for transporting your vehicle internationally. Your vehicle travels protected in the security of a container.

About Container Shipping

Container shipping is the most commonly used method for shipping goods internationally. The process requires cargo to be packed in large metal boxes called containers. Those containers are then loaded onto a vessel that transports them to the destination. The containers are then unloaded from the ship. You can pack a wide variety of goods into containers. If your cargo is large in size or number, then you may need an entire container for your shipment. However, smaller shipments can benefit from container consolidation that combines multiple shipments together to fill a single container. This is common with car shipping containers, where more than one vehicle gets loaded into a single container.

What we ship in containers?


Heavy Equipment

Construction Material


We are here to make it easier for you

Working with an experienced international shipping company makes the process of shipping your vehicle overseas easier. It’s our goal to make your experience a pleasant and smooth one. We want to surprise and delight you with our exemplary service. Throughout your shipping experience, you’ll work with a single agent who will take the time to learn about your shipping needs.


Our agents take an interest in your international car shipment. This enables us to learn about your budget, timeline, and vehicle. With this information, we can provide you a personalized instant quote. This sets you up with the best shipping solution.


The paperwork and documentation for your international shipment can get detailed, complicated, and confusing. Our agents are skilled and able to assist you with this paperwork. You’ll receive a clear and simple list of the documents you’re required to provide. Once gathered, your agent will review the documentation and correctly submit it to the appropriate authorities.


When it’s time to ship your vehicle, we can make the appropriate transport arrangements. This makes it easy to get your vehicle to the port of origin. Once your vehicle arrives, we’ll arrange for it to be loaded onto the container and secured. It’ll then get loaded on the vessel for transport.


Feel confident we track your shipment’s vessel and update you on the expected arrival date. Then upon delivery, we’ll ensure your vehicle moves through any inspections and customs processes. This will make for speedy delivery and release for pick up.

What our customers say about us

Fast, efficient service. Jeff and his Team of HUMAN ANGELS went the extra mile to assist with Truckers when faced with glaring difficulties. They took it in their stride. Great work. I will definitely use their services again for my shipment already booked for the next available Vessel.
I have been using AFL for all my RoRo shipments to West Africa for more than 6 years, they are very meticulous and professional. Give them a call today.
I want to recommend AFL for their wonderful job in processing both booking and shipment of my cars in a timely manner, I have never experienced any issue with the company. Keep it up!

How are container shipping costs calculated?

The larger and heavier your vehicle is, the more expensive it will be to ship the RORO method. This is because it will take up more space on the vessel and require more effort to move. Size isn’t so much an issue when in a container, but the weight will still influence the cost.

There are three options for international vehicle transport. The most affordable is RORO. The most expensive is a private container. A third middle option is a shared car shipping container. This gives you the protection of the container with a reduced shared cost.

The further away the origin and destination are, the more expensive it will be to transport your car shipping container. The longer the distance, the more it costs to run the transport vessel. These increased costs are transferred to the shipments on that vessel.

There are seasonal trends with domestic and international shipping. Shipping our vehicle during the busy season means you’ll pay top dollar to transport your car shipping container. If you’re on a budget, it can be smarter to wait until the off-season when demand is reduced.

Ports in remote or rural locations are more expensive to ship to than busy ports in urban areas. Less popular ports have lower shipping volumes. Since the demand is lower, fewer vessels are going to them. Meaning urban and high-volume ports are more affordable to ship to.

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Ship your vehicle internationally on a RoRo shipping vessel. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents will guide you through the process. Get a quote today and start your shipment.
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It’s important to get your shipping container questions answered. That way, you understand the process and can feel confident with your shipment. To get started, these answers should help you get the most common questions answered.
Yes, you will have no trouble fitting your vehicle into a car shipping container. The most popular size for shipping containers is 20, 40, and 45 feet in length. Their heights are eight and nine feet tall. This gives you plenty of room for more than one vehicle.
You don’t need to worry about insulating your car shipping container. Vehicles are durable and meant to be outside. It’s good to have protection from the salt air while your vehicle is shipped. However, your shipping container will be effective on its own for this.
Generally, yes, newer shipping containers are constructed to be durable with rubber seals around the openings. Not all containers are built this way, and older containers have wear and tear that can reduce the watertight seal’s effectiveness.
You can hire a shipping container hauler or a domestic carrier to move your shipping container. Unless you have the proper equipment, you won’t be able to move the shipping container on your own. An empty shipping container weighs four to 9,000 pounds when empty.
You can choose to send your vehicle in a half-empty car shipping container. However, this is a missed opportunity for you. Using the excess space can reduce your shipping cost by spreading out the car shipping container’s cost over multiple shipments.
The most popular car shipping container lengths are 20 and 40 feet. However, you can find a wide range of lengths that are less common. The standard width is eight feet. There are two standard heights of 8’6” and 9’6”. Stick with a common car shipping container sizes to reduce the cost of your shipment.


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