Shipping to South Africa

Shipping to South Africa from the United States doesn't have to be a struggle. AFL will assist you in selecting the right shipping method with the best rate.

African Region With Impressive Automotive Market

With several top US auto suppliers being represented in the country, South Africa is well-known for being a market receptive to car imports from the United States. Many imported passenger cars, for example, are sold in the country every year. And with new policies like the Automotive Production Development Program initiative, which aims to balance foreign auto imports and domestic auto production, South Africa remains a promising as well as an established market to invest in.

South Africa Shipping Solutions Offered by AFL

From customs clearance in the United States to transferring your car to a US domestic port to exporting the car to South Africa, AFL has you covered. (22 words)

We will assist you in preparing the necessary paperwork required before shipping a car from the USA to South Africa.

AFL can pick up your vehicle from your US location and deliver it to the port of departure.

Depending on your needs, AFL will arrange for your vehicle to be shipped via the fast and affordable roll-on roll-off (Roro) shipping method.

Shippers exporting premium cars to South Africa can use AFL’s container shipping method for added protection.

Regulations for car exports into South Africa

To avoid customs delays and seizure at the receiving port in South Africa, below is a summary of the regulatory standards and requirements you need to know.

You can not import a used vehicle into South Africa except if you've been granted a permit to do so. Second-hand vehicle permit is usually for classics cars older than 25 years.

When shipping a car from USA to South Africa, you must have a clear Title of Ownership with no liens against the vehicle, valid bill of sale, and the vehicle’s current registration.

For safety reasons, any vehicle you’re shipping to South Africa cannot have more than a quarter tank of gas.

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Macaulay Diran One thing I love about AFL is timing. They are very much available to answer your questions or needs as regards to dock receipts and other necessary documentation you need to get your shipment done. They are the best amongst all i have worked with.
American Forwarding & Logistics are very reliable and trustworthy shipping company They have been rendering services for me for the past 8 years their prices are moderate to compare with the quality of their services, they don’t disappoint …More
Well they are reliable, I would have given them 5stars but sometimes there could be delays with response to their emails, but that'where the General manager comes in, Tricia is actually,honestly amazing , she's always ready to help
I use AFL for all my shipping to Africa (Lagos, Nigeria to be precise). They are very responsive and very responsible. Their services is A1 especially a staff called Monica - she is always helpful and always willing to help.
I have been Using AFL shipment for sometime now, and apart from the professional relationship they offer, they also seem interested in the welfare of your ware with them and they give suitable advise that ll help you reduce cost while getting optimal service delivery.
I have been using AFL for over a year now and I can attest they are reliable and trustworthy.I highly recommend them and Jeff does a nice job with the inland transport section.
I have been using AFL for all my roro shipment to West Africa for more than 6 years, they are very meticulous and professional. Give them a call today.
I am Ikechukwu Maximus, want to commend AFL for their wonderful job in processing both booking and shipment of my cars in a timely manner, I have never experienced any issue with the company. Keep it up
Great customer relation, prompt respond to email and phone calls. Ready to help and find solution for customer.

What is the cost of shipping to South Africa?

Your final price for exporting cars to South Africa is determined by a variety of factors, including the domestic shipping distance, international shipping method, and the size of the vehicle.

The location in the US where we pick up your vehicle will influence your final pricing.

The cost of shipping a container from USA to South Africa is more expensive than using RORO. When exporting regular vehicles, you may use RORO.

If we pick up your vehicle at your residence, your final shipping costs will be higher than when you drive the car to the port yourself.

When shipping SUVs and larger vehicles to South Africa, your shipping cost will be higher than when shipping smaller cars.

Shipping to South Africa during the peak moving seasons of the year usually results in higher shipping rates.

Interested in shipping with us?

Exporting cars to South Africa? A knowledgeable and experienced AFL agent will walk you through the process









Find answers below to some of the questions you might have about our South Africa international car shipping services.
AFL can deliver your car shipment to ports in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and other South African destination ports that receive car shipments from the United States. Remember that customs fees, clearance costs, and the size of the destination port are all factors that can influence your final shipping costs. Smaller destination ports may be more expensive for delivery. Before shipping to South Africa, contact us at AFL to know if your preferred port of destination accepts car shipments and to get an instant quote.
To start the process of shipping to South Africa after buying a car, you’ll have to send the Title of Sale and/or BOS to a shipping company for booking and to get a Dock receipt. The next step is to get the car to the port of loading and pay for the transportation. For South Africa shipments, you need to process CTN for import clearance. After that, you may be asked to make corrections to documentation submitted for US customs approval as well as to receive documents such as Seaway Bill which will be used to clear your cargo with customs in South Africa.
Shipping to South Africa from the US will take anywhere from xx to xx days. However, the length of travel involved in the shipping process, the shipping method, and potential customs delays are some factors that can affect the time it takes to deliver your car cargo to South Africa. More is also dependent on the shipping company you use. This is why it is important to use a competent shipping provider such as AFL. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable shipping company saves you the stress associated with unnecessary shipping delays.
AFL provides two of the most popular shipping options in the industry - container and RORO shipping. If you want to ship exotic cars to South Africa and even include some personal belongings in the cargo (that you have declared), containerized shipping is perfect because it provides better protection and allows for the inclusion of personal property. If you want to split the costs with other shippers who also want container shipping, AFL can help you arrange for shared container shipping. The roll-on roll-off shipping method, which requires your cargo to be driven onto the vessel, is a fast and cost-effective option. You can use the Roro method when shipping regular vehicles to South Africa. Contact AFL if you have special requirements and aren't sure which shipping option to use. One of our experienced agents will gladly assist you in choosing the best shipping method for your cargo.
Yes, we offer custom clearance services. AFL makes it easy to get customs clearance for your car shipment to South Africa. We’ll help you understand all the documents required for your car to South Africa, verify the documentation, and advise any changes required to get your export paperwork approved. Contact AFL today to learn about all of the required paperwork and conditions for shipping a car from the USA to South Africa.