Guide For International Car Shipping

It is important to find the right company Contact a reputable and experienced car shipper with many years of experience in international vehicle transport. Searching for car shippers and rating companies is the best way to find a trustworthy and reputable car loading service. Evaluate websites that list how many car companies are operating in […]

It is important to find the right company

Contact a reputable and experienced car shipper with many years of experience in international vehicle transport. Searching for car shippers and rating companies is the best way to find a trustworthy and reputable car loading service. Evaluate websites that list how many car companies are operating in your area and permit you to narrow your search down to price, vehicle type, carrier, and service. 

The best advice we can give you is to make sure that your car shipping abroad runs as smoothly as possible and to find a reliable company that works. International car shipping companies are one-tenth of a dozen cents, so read the car transportation reviews and ask people you know about companies that have used them in the past. This post focuses on shipping cars out of the country by boat, as the cost of moving cars by air is high and is not the best option for standard removals, especially if you plan to ship expensive or valuable cars. 

There are various companies offering overseas car shipping and you need to do a lot of research to choose the perfect one for your shipping needs. If you live near a shipping port, you can drive your vehicle directly to the port. The cheapest shipping method for shipping your car is RORO (Ground Transport of Ocean Freight). 

Different ways to ship your car overseas

In order to reduce transatlantic and transpacific shipping costs, you can choose common storage containers from vehicle to vehicle. This option is available if there are enough cars to fill a common container. If you go abroad, you can save money by loading your vehicle onto a ship for sea transport. 

For those who need to have their vehicles shipped to a popular destination, shared container shipping is the perfect solution. Most car shipping companies offer the possibility of transporting vehicles via individual containers. Since a vehicle can be transported in a container for half the cost, this method of international car transport is considered the most cost-effective option. 

Determines estimated shipping costs 

The cost of shipping cars and vehicles outside the United States depends on several factors, including the shipping method (transport containers, roll-by-roll shipping, air freight) and the distance from the nearest port to the country or destination of export. Shipping Cars by Ocean Shipping Containers Shipping cars in shipping containers is a container service for car shipping. A service designed to keep the vehicle safe during transport by fastening the vehicle to the bottom of the container before loading. Container shipping allows two cars, one car, and household items to be shipped simultaneously. 

The average range for international car shipping costs varies greatly. Overseas vehicle shipping can cost as little as $700 to $1,000. It can also cost as much as $5,000 to $7,000. Air transport is more expensive than overseas shipping, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $40,000. The absolutely fastest shipping option is to prepare all of the necessary documentation in advance and to pay in advance to ship a car in a single-use container, but you should be aware that this is the most expensive option. If you need to spend a bit more, shipping single containers are your best choice to ensure that your vehicle gets to its final destination safely and securely. 

Car shippers deliver cars to many locations beyond the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, AFL can help ship your car to Brazil, Peru, Panama, Nigeria and Ghana South Africa, and many more countries. It is impossible to manage the entire process of delivering your car. Only if you are professional in this process can you guarantee the safety of the car. 

How to prepare for overseas transport of your car

Aerial view of large RORO Vehicle carrier vessel parking for loading car at sea port.

After selecting a safe shipping method there are some steps that car owners should take to ensure their vehicles are in the best condition and that they make it safely to their final destination. To verify that your car is being sent through Streamline International Transport, contact Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and they will confirm that your destination country accepts your car. The country to which you ship requires a title for clean vehicles and may only import if it allows it. 

Before sending your vehicle, check with your new government’s consulate whether there are any levies or restrictions that could affect the transport of your vehicle. You must take out insurance for the car you are sending out of the country. In most cases, the international car transporter that you rent can offer insurance before you deliver the car through your own insurance program or through the insurance company you work with. 

You may also be interested in the cost of transporting the car abroad. In reality, this will help you decide whether it is worth shipping your car out of the country. The truth is, the best way to know how much will it cost to ship a car abroad is to request an international car shipping quote from the best international car shipping company in your country. 

Your shipping company should be able to give you a good estimate of the time of arrival of your car which should be fairly accurate, subject to any problems with customs. If you want to spend less, opt for consolidated vehicle shipping, where your vehicle shares a container with other vehicles heading for the same destination, but this extends your time period as the shipping company has to wait until the container is full before sending it off. Before you take your car abroad, you should find out how to transport the car in a way that is best suited to your move and budget. 

One of the greatest advantages of container shipping is that, in the case where the vehicle is shipped alone, the use of container carriers allows personal items to be transported by car. The disadvantages of shipping your car via container ship tend to be more expensive than in the case of shared container shipping as your car leaves only when it is full, which means that its departure date is more variable. The roll-by-roll shipping of your car in a braced container with protective containers is cheaper than pure container shipping.


It’s good to inspect your vehicle before shipping it. Inspecting your car beforehand will allow you to prove that the company has taken over the care of it in good condition. This is important if you’re claiming insurance because your car needs to be in perfect shape before you’ll get compensation.

International car shipping certainly has its complications, but it is certainly not impossible if you do your homework and prepare well.


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