How does Exotic Car Transport work

How does Exotic Car Transport work?

Shipping a car to another city, state, or even country is complicated enough as there are many preparations that you’ll have to make for its transport. But if you are choosing exotic car transport, your preparations must be on a superior level.  Typically, an exotic car has a sporty look, a high-performance engine, two seats, […]

Shipping a car to another city, state, or even country is complicated enough as there are many preparations that you’ll have to make for its transport. But if you are choosing exotic car transport, your preparations must be on a superior level. 

Typically, an exotic car has a sporty look, a high-performance engine, two seats, and a low-slung body. While figuring out how to ship an exotic car, you may think about two options. Should I hire an auto transport company or drive the car by myself to the destination? 

However, one thing to note is that exotic cars are not specifically suited for long-distance driving. If you live close to the destination, you can drive by yourself. But, if the destination state or city is far away, you’ll be much better off choosing an auto transport company. Otherwise, you’ll increase the risk of damaging your luxury car.

This article will explain how to prepare for luxury car transport and what shipping methods and cost factors to consider. You’ll also learn what to look for while choosing a professional shipping company for your exotic car transport.

What to look for in a luxury car shipping company?

When considering the money invested in your exotic car, it is wise to spend some time researching to find a  trustworthy and reliable shipping company. 

You’ll find plenty of companies, but not all of them can provide you with a transport service worth your time and money. As an owner of a luxury car, you must only decide by determining some critical factors that include:


The auto transport company must have a valid license from the relevant authorities to provide transport services. They should have the authority to operate by the Department of Transport (DoT). 

In addition, they should own a valid MC number as evidence that they follow the safety rules and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA).


While choosing an auto transport company to ship your exotic car, check their insurance coverage and whether they provide the recommended level of coverage. This insurance coverage will protect your luxury car while it’s in transit. 


Transporting an exotic car is not the same as shipping other vehicles. A luxury car has a fancy design and delicate structure, requiring extra care and professionalism while shipping. 

A dubious transport company with no relevant experience in shipping exotic cars will increase the risk of causing damage to your vehicle. Therefore, checking your chosen transport company’s track record and verifying its successful transport operations before hiring is necessary.


Exotic car transport needs an exclusive shipping method and equipment. While choosing an auto transport company, assess if they have the required equipment to minimize the risk of damage during transport. 

Your chosen shipping company must be able to provide a secure shipping method, such as an enclosed trailer for your exotic car.

Methods for exotic car transport

When it comes to exotic car transport, there are two options that car shipping companies utilize—open and enclosed carriers. 

Open transport service involves shipping a car in an open trailer. It is the most affordable and easy method of transport for regular vehicles. On the other hand, enclosed service involves using an enclosed trailer to ship exotic cars.

Why is enclosed auto transport the best method for exotic car shipping?

Enclosed auto transport is hands down the best shipping method for luxury cars due to the following reasons:

Offers high protection

The enclosed trailer offers protection from external elements preventing the car from getting dusty or its paint from scratching. Moreover, the trailer will also prevent the vehicle from shaking or moving around during transit. The enclosed trailer also has a hydraulic lift to ensure safe loading for exotic low-ground clearance cars.

Provides privacy

An enclosed trailer offers privacy to exotic vehicles during transit. As people won’t be able to look or touch beyond the closed trailer, it lessens the chances of tampering or theft.

Best for roofless exotic cars

Roofless exotic cars are more prone to damage during transit due to road hazards and weather exposure. An enclosed trailer will protect not only the body of the vehicle but also its interior, providing peace of mind.

How much does luxury auto transport cost?

How much does luxury auto transport cost

There is no doubt that exotic cars need more care and specialized equipment in transportation than regular vehicles. So, expect to pay 30% to 40% more for enclosed luxury car shipping than open transport for standard cars. 

On average, a distance of 500 miles will cost you around $525, while 3000+ miles can cost you $2144 or above for cross-country transport. There are other factors to consider as well that can affect the shipping rates. While some are controllable, others are not.

Shipment method

The shipping method you choose for your exotic car transport will reflect your final shipping costs. For instance, enclosed transport will cost more to ship a luxury car, but the additional cost is worth the extra security it provides. 


Distance is the primary factor determining the cost of shipping a luxury car. The longer the distance, the more it will cost you in transportation. However, the price per mile is low.

Condition of the car

The condition of your exotic car also determines the final shipping cost. If your vehicle is operational, it won’t need special equipment for loading/unloading. But if not, it will require labor and specialized equipment for loading/unloading, resulting in an increased transportation cost.

Size and weight of the car

The size and weight of your exotic vehicle will also affect the transportation cost. If it is a custom-made smaller car, it will occupy less space on the trailer, thus costing you less in transportation. However, if you are shipping a larger, heavier, or modified exotic car, it will cost you more in shipping.

Expedited shipping 

There are standard timeframes for shipping a vehicle. But you can also expedite the delivery of your exotic car. However, the shipping cost will depend on how quickly you want the delivery of your vehicle. 

Typically, it takes 1-5 days for a shipping company to pick up your car and 7-10 days for cross-country transport. But if you want an expedited delivery, it will cost you more.

Peak season

There are high and low-end seasons in the transportation industry. During the high-end or peak season, there is an increased demand for shipping, so there is less availability of trailers and carriers. Usually, the summer season has a higher demand for shipping services, and fall is a low-end season. 

So, consider shipping during the low-end season, as you’ll find more affordable transportation services during that season. Furthermore, avoid holidays like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. That’s the time when shipping demand is towards the higher end.


Weather is another important factor affecting the cost of exotic car transport. Certain conditions, such as winds, snow, rain, hurricanes, or tornadoes, can hinder transportation, increasing the shipping cost.

Fuel cost

The price of fuel is subject to change. It’s forever changing and can vary from area to area. It is also the most significant factor impacting the transportation cost, and the shipping company generally passes that cost to their customers.

How to prepare for exotic auto transport?

Preparing your exotic car prior to shipping is the first step to ensure it will be safe during transit. Here are the steps to follow:

Check for maintenance

It’s necessary to take your car to your mechanic for a thorough examination. Take note of any existing damage, such as dents or scratches. 

You must be aware of the condition of your car to know whether the damage occurred prior to shipping or not. Also, check the pressure in tires and battery charging.

Empty the car’s interior

Empty the car’s interior of additional belongings to prevent damage to them during the transition. Besides, extra items will add further weight to your shipment, resulting in increased shipping costs.

Empty the fuel tank

Before transporting an exotic car, empty the fuel tank until only 1/4th of the fuel is left in the tank. This step is necessary to avoid any hazards, such as leakage during transit.

Mistakes to avoid while shipping an exotic car

Moving your exotic car to another city or state can be stressful. After all, you are transferring the ownership of your prized vehicle to a third-party service provider. However, temporarily, it is. But avoiding some common mistakes will protect you against potential damages and extra costs.

Choosing the wrong shipping company

With so many shipping companies in the market, the choice is difficult. Many exotic car transport companies provide standard services based on their regular consumers’ needs. 

But each exotic car is different and requires personalized services. So, that’s one thing to look for while on the lookout for a shipping company, whether they are able to fulfill your shipping needs or not. Also, check for reviews of shipping companies from reliable sources. 

Skipping insurance

Other than opting for an enclosed trailer for your exotic car transport, it’s wise if you buy extra coverage for your car. Check with your shipping company whether they offer supplementary coverage to protect against damages from road debris, earthquakes, flooding, weather, or all.

Focusing only on shipping costs

As you scour through various available shipping services, be wary of dubious transport companies that come as too good to be true. Rather than focusing exclusively on the shipping costs, look for a provider that offers services worth your money and ensures the best overall results.

The cheapest option is not always the best one, as they may not be able to meet your shipping needs. Rather than choosing subpar services, think about the value of your exotic car. 

Though you may incur extra fees for hiring a renowned shipping company, you can be sure that you’ll receive your car in the same condition as shipped.

Is there a demand for luxury auto transport?

There is a high demand for exotic car transport. But it’s one of the services that not all shipping companies can fulfill, as exotic cars require premium security and careful loading/unloading. 

AFL prides itself on providing a fully insured, secure, and enclosed luxury car shipping service. We offer complete assistance at every step of your transportation process and will handle the legalities of the entire transport process for your peace of mind. 

Our personalized shipping method and affordable pricing will ensure a smooth transportation process regardless of your car’s size or destination. 

We also offer door-to-door service to schedule a pick and delivery in all 50 states for your convenience. Our expert auto hauler will pick up your exotic car from your home and deliver it to your desired location without delay. Book your exotic car transport today!

Summing Up 

Shipping a car cross country is a daunting process. Not to mention if you want to transport an exotic car, that comes with a heavy price tag. There are many cost factors to consider and preparations to make. Also, an exotic vehicle needs extra care and specialized equipment to handle. 

But taking care of everything by yourself can be frustrating. Therefore, the better option is to assign your exotic car transport to a professional and experienced shipping company. So they can provide a safe and secure passage to your luxury car.


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