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International Car Shipping Companies in Florida: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for international car shipping companies in Florida? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about overseas shipping and International car shipping companies offering services in Florida. How do international car shipping companies work? There are different options available […]

Are you looking for international car shipping companies in Florida? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about overseas shipping and International car shipping companies offering services in Florida.

How do international car shipping companies work?

There are different options available when it comes to international car shipping companies in Florida. We have explained the different methods used by car shipping companies below.

Shared container shipping(LCL)

International Car Shipping

Container car shipping is one of the most popular ways for international vehicle shipping. LCL(less than container load) shipping containers can accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously thereby reducing shipping costs per vehicle. A Shipping container also provides an extra layer of security to the vehicles while shipping cars overseas.

The driver of the truck picking vehicle from your door checks the condition of your car and gives you a document to sign. The CFR also ensures documentation while receiving your car for international transport. A team of professionals records the whole process of auto shipping. The company then seals the container and opens it only when your car reaches the destination port.

During the whole process, the vehicle reaches its destination safely without any extra mileage. You can also choose to keep some luggage in the car. However, don’t forget to make a list of the items you keep in your car for verification later. Normally, a single container has the capacity to accommodate 4 cars.  The company loads a container onto a ship only when it is full. It means that your car might reach its destination late in order to fill the container with four cars. This is where FCL shipping comes into play.

Private container shipping (FCL)

In private container shipping or FCL (full container load ) shipping, you can ship a car overseas without sharing the space in the container. You can choose to ship luggage with your vehicle as well. This method of overseas shipping is costlier than shared container shipping and most suitable for shipping a classic car. When compared to other auto shipping services, FCL shipping services are faster. This is because you are the only one utilizing the space in the container.

International car shipping with RORO ships

RoRo Shipping

Roll-on roll-off ship is the most economical international car shipping service out of all the available shipping options. As the name suggests, this international vehicle shipping service requires the cars to be physically driven onto and off the vessel. Roro ships are capable of transporting vehicles of all sorts. For transporting any car internationally, the vehicle must be in working condition so that someone can drive it onto the vessel.

If you look inside a RORO ship, you’ll see that it is like a big parking garage with designated spots for vehicles. Moreover, the vehicles are tied down with special equipment so that they receive no damage during the shipping process.

In RORO shipping, the vehicles are protected from harsh weather conditions as the cars are not exposed to the ocean. Add to that the fact that the departure and arrival dates of the vessel are more reliable when compared to container shipping. The vessel’s schedule is similar to that of an airline and it hardly gets changed.

This mode of shipping cars is economical for transporting everyday use vehicles. Many car manufacturers also use this mode of auto transport for overseas car shipment. However, your vehicle is less secure when compared to other international car shipping services. Therefore, if you opt for this model of vehicle shipping, don’t leave any personal belongings in the car.

What is the cost of international car shipping?

Car Shipping Cost

International car shipping cost depends upon several factors. The typical cost of car shipping to international destinations starts around a thousand dollars. International carriers can charge you more depending on the transportation requirements. Some of the important ones affecting the cost of shipping cars internationally are discussed below.

Size of the vehicle

One of the factors affecting international car shipping quotes is the size of the vehicle. If your vehicle consumes more space than a normal Sedan, then you should expect the cost to increase accordingly.

Shipping distance

International car shipping companies in Florida will charge you according to the distance between the shipping port and destination port. For instance, car transportation companies will charge you less for shipping the vehicle from Florida to Europe when compared to sending your car from Florida to the Middle East. Therefore, shipping distance is one of the major factors affecting the overall cost of international shipping.

Trucking expenditure

This cost is optional and only applicable in certain cases where the car shipping companies offer to pick your car from your doorstep. Some people prefer to drive their cars to the ports, especially if the distance is small. However, many people prefer car pickup from the door to save useful time.

Trucking cost depends on the distance between your home and the port. Moreover, the condition of your car also plays a role here. If your car is inoperable, then the company has to use special equipment to roll your vehicle onto the truck. The same procedure is adopted while offloading the vehicle. In this case, the shipping cost is higher which increases the total cost of shipping your car overseas as well.

Mode of transportation

Mode of transportation also affects the overall cost of international vehicle transport. As discussed earlier, RORO shipping is your cheapest option to ship a car overseas. In this method of ocean transport, the company transports hundreds of vehicles simultaneously thereby reducing the transportation prices.

Container shipping is slightly more expensive than RORO shipping since it adds an extra layer of security for your vehicle. Moreover, you can keep your luggage in your car as well. FCL or private container transportation is the most expensive option as you pay for all the space in a container. This international auto transport method is ideal for shipping your dream car without worrying about the damage to the paint or car’s body. You can add a lot of luggage in the car with this mode of shipment as well. Car transporter offering air freight or air transport is generally the most expensive option. The final cost of international vehicle transport depends on the mode of transportation you choose for your vehicle.

Marine insurance

Car Shipping Insurance

Like trucking costs, marine insurance is an optional cost in international car shipment. If opted, international shipping companies provide insurance coverage from the moment it is loaded onto the ship to the moment it lands in your destination country. If anything unfortunate happens to your car, the insurance company will compensate you for the loss.

We highly recommend that you opt for marine insurance before you engage in international vehicle shipping. Marine insurance does increase the overall cost of shipping cars overseas. However, insurance is crucial for protecting your vehicle against natural calamities like hurricanes.

Import taxes, storage fees, and destination handling charges

International Car Shipping Taxes & Duties

In international car shipping, you have to pay the import taxes once your car reaches the destination port. These import taxes vary from country to country. You will also have to pay the vehicle offloading charges as the vehicle arrives at an overseas destination.

When vehicles reach the destination ports, the owners can pick their vehicles within a week. You can also designate someone else, known as the consignee, to receive your vehicle. Make sure the consignee has enough money to pay for all these extra costs.

Why should you prefer AFL over other international shipping companies?

If you are looking to ship a car overseas, AFL is simply the best international car shipping company in Florida to meet your auto transport needs. Some of the major benefits of using AFL for overseas car shipping are discussed below.

NVOCC services

We provide Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier services wherein we load your car in a container, transport it to the origin port, and book a vessel for the car to be shipped internationally. Unlike simple freight forwarding companies, AFL is an NVOCC service provider with a license from the Federal Maritime Commission, a federal agency that regulates ocean-based transports in the US. Only those companies get NVOCC licenses who possess extensive experience in this domain along with references from satisfied clients. You can read more about NVOCC services to get a better understanding of international car shipping.

Better rates than all other international shipping companies

Unlike other international car transport companies in Florida, NVOCCs can provide you with auto transport services at the most competitive rates. We have direct contracts with shipping lines and we regularly book large quantities of space from the vessels.

Documentation services

We know how things in international car shipping work as we have been in this industry for more than a decade now. We have managed more than 150,000 shipments and 1300+ satisfied customers. For international car shipping, relevant authorities check several documents. We at AFL have a dedicated team of experts who understand the car export requirements and can handle shipment documentation for customers.

Door to domestic port shipping companies

Not all international shipping companies in Florida offer a door-to-port car transportation service. At AFL, we specialize in shipping your car from the doorstep to your desired port in Florida. After you book a shipment with AFL, our team takes care of everything. Moreover, the team remains in touch with you till the time your car reaches the destination port. AFL feels immense pleasure to provide a professional service in door-to-port shipping, thanks to its shipping partner SAKAEM Logistics.

Requirements of car shipping companies

International auto transport comes with certain requirements before your vehicle reaches its final destination. We have discussed some of the important requirements for car shipping below.

Car keys

Car Keys

When you hand over the vehicle to the car transporting company, you have to give the car keys as well. This is important as the company needs the keys to load your vehicle onto the shipping vessel. When the car arrives at the destination country, you can get your keys back.

Registration, Title, and ID

The car transportation company needs the original title to move your car in and out of the port. You can keep copies of the title before handing over the original title to the company. You’ll also need to provide the registration document if you opt for door-to-port service. Lastly, you need to provide an ID to the transport company. The company will hand over the vehicle to you or your designated person after verification. If you don’t have a US passport, an EIN works fine. If you possess a foreign passport, just give a copy of your passport to the auto transport company. These requirements can vary depending on the destination of your shipment.

FAQs related to international car shipping

What is the cheapest way to ship cars with international companies in Florida?

Although there are different methods to ship a car internationally, RORO transportation is the cheapest one. In RORO shipping, hundreds of vehicles are shipped simultaneously thereby reducing the cost to ship a single vehicle overseas.

Is it worth using international car shipping services?

The answer to this question varies from situation to situation. If you own classic cars and want to transport them to another country, then it is worth it. However, if you intend to ship a car with little resale value, then selling it is a better idea. You can buy a new one in another country rather than transporting the car overseas. You can also read some international car shipping guides to get a better understanding of the process.

What if you are looking for local car shippers instead of international shipping companies?

There are many auto transport companies offering services to ship cars across the US and Canada. SAKAEM Logistics, for instance, is a broker company that offers auto transportation services at competitive prices.

As a broker, SAKAEM logistics is in contact with hundreds of individual car carriers across the country. Therefore, they can move your car anywhere in the US and Canada within no time. They also offer enclosed car transport services for moving luxury or antique cars.


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