Shipping Cars To Namibia

Shipping cars to Namibia is convenient and cost-effective with AFL

Cars shipping to South Africa is pretty expensive. The shipping bill can hike even further if you are unfamiliar with customs laws and documentation. Moreover, if you are shipping cars to Namibia and handling all the transportation processes, it can be challenging to book a local carrier. That’s where AFL comes in. With an impressive […]

Cars shipping to South Africa is pretty expensive. The shipping bill can hike even further if you are unfamiliar with customs laws and documentation. Moreover, if you are shipping cars to Namibia and handling all the transportation processes, it can be challenging to book a local carrier. That’s where AFL comes in. With an impressive experience in shipping to the South African region, we can undertake all your customs and documentation procedures. Besides, we’ll choose a shipping method that best suits your transportation needs. Our pricing is fair, and there are no hidden costs. We try our utmost to provide you with a cost-efficient shipping experience. 

Shipping cars to Namibia: An Introduction

Shipping Cars To Namibia

Namibia is a country in South Africa home to exotic wildlife and the Namib Desert that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean coast. It is an upper-middle-income country rich in diamonds, uranium, and mineral resources. 

The economy of Namibia relies on exporting fish, livestock, and diamonds. Its top imports include copper ore, refined petroleum, machinery, vehicles, and chemicals. 

Namibia is a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). According to the Trade, Investment, and Development Cooperative Agreement (TIDCA), the union has a bilateral trade relationship with the US.

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia. It is famous for its new and secondhand vehicle trade. Also, it is the country’s social, cultural, and economic hub.

The Port of Walvis Bay, located on the West Coast, is the principal port providing direct access to shipping routes. 

It also acts as the primary trade route for landlocked South African countries. The Port of Walvis Bay handles 3,000 ships, 5.3 million tons of cargo, and 900,000 TEUs annually. 

Available Methods for shipping cars to Namibia

There are two options for shipping cars to Namibia. RoRo and container shipping. Your shipping company can also provide a personalized method per your shipping requirements.

RoRo shipping

RoRo shipping is the least expensive and quickest shipping option for operational vehicles. It involves driving the car on the carrier through a ramp. The expert handlers will strap it on the carrier’s deck with other vehicles for security. When the carrier reaches the destination, the car will be driven off. 

RoRo is a simple shipping method and doesn’t require a crane or labour for loading/offloading. Besides, it’s perfectly suitable for regular cars. But if you want to send other goods alongside your vehicle, you may choose container shipping.

Container shipping

Container shipping is another efficient option for luxury cars and delicate items. If you require additional security for your vehicle, then this is the go-to method for you. 

The shipping company usually offers 20 or 40-ft containers according to the size of your cargo. However, container shipping is expensive because it requires a crane for loading/offloading and leasing a container. 

But there are two more options in container shipping. So, you can choose one that fits your requirement:


Full Container Load shipping involves leasing an entire container for your exclusive use. You can also ship as many goods as can possibly fit inside the container alongside your car. But FCL is also the most expensive shipping method because you’ll have to pay for the entire container. 


Less than Container Load shipping shares the same attributes with FCL but is slightly different. It involves leasing a container, but you’ll have to share it with other people’s goods. 

The shipping cost is less because you share the cost with other shippers. But there is one drawback with LCL. You’ll have to wait for a while to receive your cargo. The carrier will only embark after the entire container fills. 

Timeframe: How long does it take to ship a car to Namibia?

On average, it may take 24-26 days to receive your shipment in Namibia. If you also consider the delay at customs and transport time to your doorstep, add one more week in total transit time. 

What is the cost of shipping cars to Namibia?

The cost of car shipping to Namibia from the US can vary as it’s always an estimate. But the average shipping rate falls between $3000 and $7000. Factors such as customs duty and taxes can influence the final price. 

Customs tax & duty

Importing vehicles in Namibia is liable to 15% tax based on the car’s value (NAD+10%). However, Namibian customs exempt diplomats from this duty. 

What do you need to do for vehicle shipping to Namibia?

Before vehicle shipping to Namibia, take some necessary steps to avoid unnecessary delays at customs. 

  • Make sure to assess your car for any dents or scratches. Take it to your mechanic for a thorough check-up.
  • Empty your car’s gas tank until only 1/4th of fuel is left.
  • If you are container shipping some other things alongside your car, pack them securely and tightly.
  • Check the restrictions and prohibitions on shipping cars to Namibia. 

Prohibitions & restrictions on shipping cars to Namibia

You can only import one car per family. In addition, Namibian customs allow the import of only right-handed drives. But there is an exemption for diplomats. They can import left-hand drives in Namibia. 

The age limit for a car is set for eight years from the date of manufacture. So, if you are shipping cars to Namibia, ensure you cannot send cars older than eight years as it may incur double tax or penalty. 

Your car must be in your possession for one year before shipping it to Namibia. Moreover, you can only sell it after two years of import. 

Keep in mind that customs regulations can change occasionally. We advise contacting your shipping company or the Embassy of Namibia in the US to learn more about customs rules, restrictions, and prohibitions. 

Documentation requirements

For shipping cars to Namibia, you’ll have to create proper documentation with essential and current information. Only with an adequate record can your shipment clear customs at both origin and destination ports. 

The mandatory document required for international car shipping from USA to Namibia includes:

  • Bill of Lading.
  • Import Permit.
  • ID & Passport.
  • Vehicle Registration Papers.
  • Original Invoice.
  • NA 304 and P1.160 Forms.

What factors influence the cost to ship a car to Namibia?

Several factors can affect the shipping rate and can cause a price hike. Some are not controllable, while others are. We recommend hiring an affluent international shipping company for shipping cars to Namibia cost-efficiently. But before hiring one, check out the factors below:

Shipment method

The shipment method you select will influence the final shipping cost. Choosing RoRo for vehicle shipping to South Africa will cost you less. It doesn’t require cranes or labor to load your cargo on a carrier. But if you are shipping regular vehicles, we recommend choosing RoRo. Container shipping will cost you more in shipping but is most suitable for additional security requirements.

Size and weight of the vehicle 

A typical RoRo carrier calculates the shipping rate based on CBM (cubic meters) for lightweight cars. But heavy vehicles are charged based on their weight. With larger and heavier vehicles like trucks, buses, and SUVs, the shipping cost will be higher than smaller ones. 

Custom charges

Any export or import custom charges are part of the international shipping rate. This involves custom taxes and duties based on the vehicle value or local handling fees. So, you should also have prior knowledge of these tariffs to avoid higher expenses due to incorrect custom declarations. 

How can AFL make shipping cars to Namibia easier and cheaper than you think?

It can be challenging to manage your shipping process if you are solely booking a carrier and handling documentation for customs clearance. 

Finding a personalized shipping method for your shipment is also tricky. There are specific rules, restrictions, and prohibitions to importing vehicles in Namibia that are subject to change. 

But you must adhere to them at any cost to avoid double taxes and penalties. In this scenario, experienced shipping like AFL can help you avoid sinking into a predicament. 

Fulfilling your shipping requirements is our company’s first priority. So you can be sure that we won’t lag or make endless excuses. Here are the shipping services we offer:

Processing Services 

You must prepare mandatory documentation to clear your shipment in the US and Namibia. This process is lengthy, so it can be exhausting to gather all data and submit it to customs. However, you won’t have to handle the documentation and customs clearance procedures if you hire AFL. 

Our agents can help you collect the information, verify it and eliminate possible rejections. With a vast knowledge of 15 CFR Part 30, we can quickly clear your cargo from customs without hassle. 

Door-to-Port Services

We are here with you from the initial shipping process till we hand over your cargo to you. Our company works for your convenience. Regardless of the size of your shipment, we offer customized packaging, door-to-port, and port-to-door services. 

Our auto haulers can pick up your car from your vehicle from home and drop it at the origin port. Likewise, we can also book transport in Namibia to pick up your vehicle from the port and drop it at your doorstep. 

NVOCC Services

Our NVOCC services include booking a carrier and helping you with the documentation process. We have a direct relationship with renowned carriers and can negotiate with the most suitable one within your budget. 

So, it will cost you less to ship a car with us than with a traditional freight forwarder. Our NVOCC services also include clearing your cargo quickly at customs and providing you with a secure shipping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Cars to Namibia

How much does it cost to ship a car to South Africa?

The cost to ship a car to South Africa depends on various factors such as the shipment method and vehicle weight & size. International fuel charges and peak season also play an essential role in the overall shipping costs. But for an accurate estimate, you can ask for a free quote from AFL. It’s completely free. 

What are the necessary steps to take for customs clearance in Namibia?

You would need the Original Invoice of your car purchase to obtain a dock receipt after booking. Your documentation should be accurate, so better prepare it under the guidance of your shipping company. For customs clearance in both the US and Namibia, you’ll need the correct paperwork. 

How much time does shipping cars to Namibia take?

The distance between the origin and destination ports, potential custom delays, and chosen shipping method can affect the delivery timeline. Your cargo’s delivery schedule also depends on the kind of shipping company you hired.


Shipping cars to Namibia is cheaper and easier than you think but only with a suitable shipping company. If you handle the documentation and customs process alone. You won’t be able to manage shipping costs and delivery schedules solely if you are unfamiliar with the current laws of Namibia. That’s where an experienced company specializing in shipping to South Africa can come in handy. They can provide a one-point solution for all your shipping, customs, and documentation processes.


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